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Comment Vague definitions, intentional misinterpretation (Score 2) 399

nonconsensual sex or touching

Whoa... i know you have to pick a range for your checkbox but this is a rather large one, but of course that is the trick, everyone will focus on non-consensual sex when a rather large proportion of that is will be non-consensual touching, magnifying there numbers... why don't you do a study on males with "non-consensual violence and touching" same thing.

*brushes past someone in hallway* interpreted as -> He pushed me he pushed me... waaaaa

It's a shame because studies like these will do very little for the real cases of non-consensual sex by devaluing the more honest studies.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

Why does anyone require 'due diligence' and fact-checking against insane violent assholes

Mainly so you don't accidentally kill the neighbor of the insane extremist, when the neighbor is actually a rather nice guy.

And what do you think the following results in?...

...the government of France has been bombarding ISIS positions in Syria with airstrikes

But don't worry i'm sure all of France's airstrikes don't kill anyone innocent... because ISIS live on an island with a 50 mile radius and a flag on top saying "ISIS LIVES HERE - WE DON'T USE HUMAN SHEILDS BECAUSE WE ARE THE BAD GUYS"

Comment The companies they describe... (Score 1) 38

Do not sound dissimilar in action from the NSA, GCHQ, [intelligence agency X]... from the TFA:

The companies they work for often have dozens to hundreds of employees, pay bribes to local law enforcement and politicians, and are often seen as the employer of choice in their region. Working for companies that break into companies in other countries is often proudly worn as a patriotic badge.

Comment Re:How long before (Score 1) 98

The first thing these stupid people say "OMG a Terrorist could use it!", as if they can't already use the alternative. If it something new. Jumping at every shadow.

Yes, it's silly when people don't consider the dangers of new things with the perspective of existing things... but what i find interesting is that most people are polarised on the subject.... to one of the straw men which can be summed up as: "technology kills people" || "people kill people".

When i think it's reasonable to say that reality is far more grey, and the old saying "With great power comes great responsibility" is the most truthful... and frankly a 18Kg pavement bound self driving box while possibly mildly useful and relieving of mundane tasks - is not "great power" or dangerous by comparison to most things... like a sharp stick.

Comment Re:Minix 3 is really interesting. (Score 1) 104

Yeah i think a NAS is more likely to be one of the first things it turns up in, it's intended purpose is embedded where people generally give more of a shit about it not falling over all the time... but that would also be nice for servers, although people start to get a bit more sensitive about performance then.

Comment Re:And finally VNC support? (Score 1) 57

I was wondering the same thing... VNC is only supposed to be a remote frame buffer protocol, which only needs to be compatible with the frame buffer (e.g. xorg, or an xvfb) and doesn't need to care about anything that runs on top of it. I think vino has some extra semantic compression so it can send fonts, gnome desktop specific primitives etc faster and render them client side instead - that's probably where all the bugs are.

I just stick with basic x11vnc and be done with it, if it's too slow then don't do so much graphical stuff remotely (oh yeah don't do gnome 3 i guess...) and add the compression flag to your SSH.

Comment GoSpeak (Score 2) 358

Thanks ok... in the face of politicly correct censorship we can always turn to Orwellian concepts for inspiration, enter: GoSpeak

  • 1. So simple even my grandma could understand it = So simple a double plus ungood coder could understand it.
  • 2. Idiot = ungood think
  • 3. moron = double plus ungood think
  • 4. asshole = unnice
  • 5. Linus Torvalds = double plus unnice plus 1337

Now just need to write a Go program to normalise the various offensive synonyms on their forum... fixed no need to ban anyone.

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