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Comment Re:Newegg (Score 1) 171 171

Forgot to say, my point was even though this will make an excellent replacement for NAND in SSDs, it's not good enough for cache or system memory, these must tollerate far higher write endurance at the lowest level without and magic of remapping memory space (unless maybe this falls in line with hardened BSD O_o)

Comment Re:Newegg (Score 1) 171 171

It honestly depends on how they measure endurance. If it's measured as 1000x the 3 million writes, then no. If it's 1000x the three-year estimated wear-out time under consumer conditions, then that's phenomenal.

It doesn't make sense to quote endurance form an consumers perspective when it's not a product yet (as either write cycle or life span) - that's all highly dependent on what the size of the device is, how well the controller is designed and how much it utilises high endurance caches to reduce wear, NAND or not - it still has an endurance where these factors will play a role.

Worst possible case TLC NAND is 1,000 cycles on the page level, that would make this memory 1,000,000 at worst which is at least 10 times better than the highest quality SLC SSD you can buy.

Comment Re:Newegg (Score 4, Interesting) 171 171

Usually i'd agree... there's been countless up and coming new types of memory that never make it.

But i'm cautiously optomistic here because

a) It's Intel and not some tiny obscure VC

b) they said they already have wafers and mention 2016 O_o !

no wonder they ditched their awesome SSD controllers.

Comment Re: GitHub doesn't solve massive (Score 1) 119 119

My first thought on reading this is that this guy started coding this year. #1-3 is solved by using GitHub

I struggled to find what in the list actually applied to Chromium - However the one thing that definitely applies to Chromium is the massive code base... Chromium source really is fucking massive (even if you just clone with depth=1) and it takes a fuck load of time to do your first compile.

I really don't see how using one git host over another is going to solve that, once the host has reasonable resources (pretty easy in this day and age) then the users connection is the bottle neck, and it makes the build process slow... this creates a significant barrier for contributors. I don't particularly like the idea of a massive code base, it's well known that more code == more bugs, and it just makes it harder to comprehend the whole thing... I don't really know if it's necessary from chromium or if it's just grown large with the speed of development, i'd like to know if anyone has some insight into this.

Comment Most people shouldn't care (Score 1) 107 107

"most people" have no interest in programming FPGAs, so they shouldn't care. "Most people who are into open source CPU design"... they should.

You can think of this as an open source compiler for a closed source piece of hardware: FPGAs already give you the freedom to implement whatever IC you want (e.g a small open source CPU design) - the only closed part about them is the tool chain provided by the FPGA manufacturer and the more unique parts of a particular FPGA hardware beyond the logic block.

This project is interesting because it makes possible something very close to a completely open source CPU process from start to finish without having to go down the ASIC route, and promise of higher quality tools.

Comment Re:Music? (Score 1) 60 60

Music is something that prevents you from being distracted by other noises, and because you aren't really paying attention to it so it's not a distraction.

Music is good for masking more distracting sound, but it can also be a distractor itself, this depends on both the task at hand and the particular piece of music.

I find that when thinking about hard problems, any kind of music is really distracting i just want silence. Other times when less concious effort is required, anything from tedious and boring tasks to artistic tasks that rely more on subconscious, music can be a great tool for concentration or inspiration.

Comment Re:Can we maybe fix the memory leaks? (Score 1) 67 67

If you don't actually know what the memory leak is then how do you know if it's in chromium and not the page you are looking at... memory leaks can exist in a piece of javascript code, in which case all chrome can do is limit it's maximum size and warn you about it.

Comment Re:Few Hackers Smart Enough to Take Advantage of i (Score 1) 157 157

What you describe are automated attacks, yes the majority are from China... they are only looking for low hanging fruit which is why the attempts don't look very clever, but they don't have to be. They don't care about your server, they care about getting as many servers as easily as possible, and you do that by automation and wide spread attacks.

It's still good to stop these attempts from littering your logs and taking up resources so you can spot directed attacks by an actual person, not using default ports is the first step, fail2ban or other attempt limiting utilities as mentioned by others here are the next step.

Don't be so cocky with your massive log of failed access attempts, everyone gets those, you should consider what happens when something with a brain tries to hack your server with a modicum of effort.

Comment Re:Thursday (Score 1) 99 99

... But there is no way that uni-brow has anything to do with normal brain size or shape, or integrating with normal facial features. They did that for reasons of their own.

I think i got my terminology wrong, I was actually talking about that frontal bone too... I think it's likely that the exaggerated brow is because it is the front bone size of an adult, doing the reverse would surely not work as the head grew to adult size.

Comment Human needs faster deceleration to detect stop (Score 1) 549 549

^ in summary, i've noticed if i decelerate very smoothly including letting the suspension relax so there is no noticeable change in pitch as the car comes to a final stop, the perception of the stopping from people behind is greatly reduced.

I've had people come to a skidding stop inches from rear ending me from driving like that... so if there's someone behind who i feel is a bit inattentive i will make my stopping a bit more obvious... if less comfortable.

I'm wondering if the google car has the same problem.. If you watch the video, the google car stops very smoothly.

Comment Re:Thursday (Score 1) 99 99

But if you look close, its shape is nothing like a normal cranium.

I was wondering about the odd shape too... but then i thought, she's pretty young and the implant will have to work when her head and brain grow to adult size too, so perhaps they stuck a balance between an adaptive 3 part structure and projected adult size. It's more important that here cranium is the right shape when she is older, you wouldn't exactly want multiple skull transplants, that would be like the old pacemakers but massively worse.

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