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Comment address and phone seriously? (Score 1) 131

...real address and phone number. That was enough to commit fraud with a couple of unrelated online services

This is the problem... when the fuck does it make sense to regard that information as sensitive. In a sane world the companies that allow anonymous customers to set up an account with so little info and verification would be responsible for the fraud.

Comment I Use 123456 for Throwaway Accounts (Score 1) 165

I wonder how many of these leaked passwords are from disposable accounts. I use weak passwords like this when sites force you to create a useless account to perform an one time action... the account contains no valuable information (you can sign up with bogus email, name etc) but they force you to have one anyway.

I feel like these kind of shitty sites that force you to sign up for a pointless account are also likely to have shitty security and have their account info leaked.

Comment Re:ok this opens the question again (Score 1) 123

The idea that cell phones 'heat up your brain' or cause direct brain damage is pretty ridiculous, given the energies involved

No, don't worry, it doesn't open up this question again:

Nobody smart was ever denying that EMF could interact with the brain... However an overwhelming number of studies have disproven that everyday EMF has a harmful (or even any measurable) effect on the brain. The correlation between perception/placebo and effect is ridiculously strong - so much so that you can invert the on LED in a wireless router and an ES will claim to be affected when it's off every time.

You don't need to try to explain the mechanisms of an effect that doesn't exist, that's a contradiction in terms, it's already been disproven there is no mechanism to explain... Try this as an analogy:

Ingesting water (in everyday quantities) is extremely hazardous to humans.

Obviously we know this to be false, but lets say that a large number of studies have disproven the claim anyway... there's not really anything else to say, what can you explain about this fictitious effect? On the other hand there are a great number of interactions between the human body and water... and we know it to be vital. Similarly the discovery of new interactions between EMF and the human body does not need worry about entertaining these crazy ideas that have been well and truly debunked.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 51

Unfortunately, LOX/RP-1 like SpaceX uses now isn't a great fuel for lunar operations. For a small lunar craft, you want something that has very small, light and simple engines...

Am I missing something?

I know nothing of rocket fuels compared to you... but the falcon 9 only delivers payloads into space, doesn't that make it perfectly suitable to delivering a lunar lander + some other rocket to get it to the moon? In which case do earth bound reusable rockets need to be directly concerned with lunar fuels?

Unless the purpose of lunar operations is to get materials back to earth in which case I guess compatibility with lunar sourced fuels are more important, but a falcon 9 would probably be inappropriate for that task anyway.

Comment Author Workaround (Score 2) 303

Authors of the code snippets who understand that (regardless of ideology) this is not practical for most people who code for a living... can just re-post a link to their code as a gist, pastebin etc with an MIT / BSD / WTFPL license.

For those wondering about derivative license compatibility issues: remember that as the sole author you have the right to use as many licenses as you like unless exclusivity is part of your job/contract. I don't think Stack Overflow can force this requirement on a user without breaking their rights in most countries.

Comment Terse !== Short (Score 1) 197

Since your code is shorter, other people can read and understand it easier

Assuming a simple null = 0 check: object obj = 123; int somenum;

Short: somenum = obj is int ? (int)obj : 0;

Long: if (obj is int) somenum = (int)obj; else somenum = 0;

I would argue the Long one is easier to read.

Short does not mean try to condense it... you can stick everything on one line to achieve that and it will be the most illegible and hard to read format.

Ternary conditions are not a way to make your code short, you should consider them equal in length conceptually but more concise - that can be good or bad depending on the complexity of the statement.

That's not to say there is no value in trying to keep some things concise for legibility, but there is a difficult balance between terse and concise when doing this... I think the important thing is to focus on clarity, this other attributes are just ways to achieve that, they should not be used for their own sake:

Short, concise, simple (as possible) and DRY can help achieve clarity; using single letter variables and ternary statements for everything will achieve a short terse and unclear mess.

Comment Re:What's good about GPL? (Score 1) 208

A comparison:

GPL: You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness BSD: You have the right to keep slaves

Saying "Use the code for whatever you want" === "You have the right to keep slaves" is as missleading as politicians saying "encryption" === "terrorist"

Did it ever occur to you that maybe they are both good at different things? maybe you don't have to ascribe to a single ideology like a religious extremist.

In other words: take your straw man absolutist interpretations of two equally good licences and go fuck yourself troll coward.

Comment Re:What's good about GPL? (Score 1) 208

And someone comes along and embraces and extends it, then once it's adopted en masse, pulls the rug out from under everyone...

I'm possibly historically ignorant on this but when has this happened? (and how significant was it)

I can't think of large projects that had a "rug" to begin with when using BSD style licences... and if it was truly that open and suddenly became closed then forking is easy enough... if some company is building their proprietary empire around it and forking causes incompatibility then what do you expect? it was never truly open to begin with.

Comment Re:Open Source vs. GPL (Score 1) 208

The most successful GPL-program is gcc

It depends on how you define "success". I'd bet there are more Android devices running Linux than developer PCs running GCC.

There are more users than developers so it would make sense, but then again "use" is ambiguous here because GCC is in a way used by both developers and users... but there is no sound metric for such an ambiguous criteria, the effect of GCC is perhaps so far reaching that it doesn't matter.

Comment Smart Trousers (Score 2) 146

yeah everyone knows the new way to make phone calls, surf the web and turn on light switches is with smart trousers (smart pants for you americans).

All i have to do is lift my foot to my ear to take a call or make a switching like gesture with my ankle when i walk into a room to turn on the light... and most intuitive of all, i just have to roll around on the floor and flail my legs in the air wildly to surf the web.

I'm sure this is just the beginning, think of all the "smart" things that you can get technology to do for you... say you could gesture to open a door and it would open for you, or you could gesture to open a draw and it would open without you having to lift a finger, or gesture to take a shit and it would teleport your faeces from inside you (and possibly your guts) for you.... the possibilities are endless, welcome to the "smart world"

Comment Re:The world would be a more creative place if... (Score 1) 349

You do realize you are arguing against someone on the same side of the copyright issue as you are, right?

Yes right after i posted it :P that's what i get for reading too fast and misinterpreting. Still i think my points were good i just wish i didn't post it in reply to the cyn1c77's comment :P

Sorry cyn1c77 you must have been quite confused.

Comment Re:The world would be a more creative place if... (Score 2) 349

...people would actually aspire to create something new rather than spend their lives trying to profit off the mental effort of their dead relatives.

Because all creative thought is entirely original and has no connection to the rest of the world... even disregarding satire, parody, sampling etc etc do you really think creativity takes place in some void in the mind and is spawned from nothing?

Someone's new creations will be connected to any copyrighted material they have absorbed because creativity takes place in the neural network which is the human mind, and ultimately the output of a neural network is the product of it's cumulative input and some noise. Your thoughts are a derivative of the sum of your experiences.

So who are you to judge how creative something is based on how connected it is to previous content, do you have some magic threshold that dictates when it is no longer creative?... Using others work in a new way is legitimate creativity. Banning such use is both dangerous and based on a flawed understanding of creativity. The real problem here is that copyright does not accommodate how the real world works. (i don't care if this is some massive network making millions or a penniless artist toiling away in obscurity, the principle is the same)

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