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Comment: Obvious and Logical... just not relevant (Score 1) 154

by tomxor (#48810581) Attached to: Human Language May Have Evolved To Help Our Ancestors Make Tools

It is obvious that talking will help people make flint tools. We all know that. But how do we know that? Saying 'it's obvious' is not helpful

Actually this experiment is not how you know that. You know communication helps as a priori knowledge which is also why it's obvious (see below if you need an explanation). You missed the point entirely which is not if it helps but how much it helps... the larger debate is when humans first started communicating, it's helpful to know how much communication helps developing stone tools because that period in time could be a candidate if it's significant.

It's obvious that communication will help because it's also logically true: communication is required to share knowledge, sharing knowledge will help an individual to know more than they would separately. These things are true by definition and logic, you can know that communication helps as priori knowledge in the same way that you know up is the opposite to down without measuring it.

Comment: A more useful question: (Score 1) 249

by tomxor (#48795783) Attached to: Education Debate: Which Is More Important - Grit, Or Intelligence?

The debate seems to wander into the territory of considering persistence separately from "intelligence", and essentially suggesting that persistence can also amplify stupidity. In which case perhaps a more useful question is:

Does possessing persistence significantly contribute to process of improving an individuals intelligence?

If true then an individual possessing this character is likely to ether be or become more intelligent given the right conditions, regardless of a particular combination of traits.

Comment: Does Anyone Actually Want it? (Score 3, Interesting) 141

by tomxor (#48786539) Attached to: 3D Cameras Are About To Go Mainstream

Yes it could be done and made cheaply... if it's something that consumers actually want, beyond a gimmicky "My phone has it" selling point.

Maybe i'm just not consumer enough, but i don't really want my photos or video to be 3D, in the same way that film looks better at 24FPS and games look better at >60FPS.

I think high frame rates and depth perception are along the same lines as far as application goes, they bring ultra realism. For things like games, simulations etc that's great. But for many forms of media it seems that lack of realism and it's artistic capacity are somehow entwined, adding ultra realism seems to destroy that. Granted - selfies are tenuously artistic so perhaps this will make it into phones.

Comment: Re:any repercussions? (Score 1) 165

by tomxor (#48764343) Attached to: Porn Companies Are Going After GitHub
Creating a charge will solve one problem and cause another... You would still need other repercussions when the claim is false, because taking down the site of a companies competitor for a few days, or a disruptive but not illegal site can be well worth $1000. In fact it will make things worse, because your putting that power in the hands of the wealthy and taking it from the poor (or to the large corporation and away from the individual).

Comment: Your Random Shooting Bot (Score 1) 182

Not a straw man honest... just highlighting what should be obvious responsibility.

1. You get a gun for your "art project"...

2. You program a robot to randomly fire 100 bullets per week in random directions.

3. Your deploy your robot in an area KNOWN to contain humans.

4. Inevitably... a human is eventually killed given enough time.

Q: Are you responsible for being a fucking moron?

A: yes

Comment: last 4 major releases ipfw broken (Score 1) 598

by tomxor (#48738861) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive

One of the bigger reasons i'm stuck not wanting to upgrade from 10.6: kernel panics via ipfw when using sshuttle. I need shuttle and would rather not use a shitty VPN protocol to slow down my already slow 3Mbit connection so i'm stuck with 10.6 before they broke ipfw.

On top of that: basically all the author said, 10.6 reflected what Apple used to be focused on for software, it was the only major release to focus on non-feature based improvements, ever since then each update brings features i have no interest in and only seem to fragment current features, then also degrade the rest of the experience by bloat and bugs.

Comment: Re:SMTP != distributed (Score 1) 45

by tomxor (#48703317) Attached to: Gmail Access Starts To Come Back In China, State-Run Paper Blames Google
The problem is that SMTP doesn't fix IP address block even if you send it yourself, the only way you are ever going to communicate with a blocked IP is through another IP. localhost only works if you don't want to send mail to gmail users and you never want to receive mail. These are gmail users by the way...

Comment: +1 generalised troubleshooting, -1 for no research (Score 1) 304

by tomxor (#48703299) Attached to: Putting a MacBook Pro In the Oven To Fix It

While Apple are known for custom cooling designs they are also known for building their notebooks very close to the limit when it comes to dissipating heat. So when nVidia twists the truth about the operating temperature of a prospective GPU for their macbook it can have bad consequences. This combined with the well known faults caused by the bad solder bumps on nVidia GPU die has caused the relatively large proportion of early GPU failure rates in various macbook models. Apple and nVidia have tried to mitigate this by effectively under clocking various models through a firmware update to delay the inevitable failure.

Being an owner of such a model I can tell you it's pretty easy to get the fans whiring when using the more powerful GPU and that's even after the under clocking firmware update. Considering how common this is, i'd say it's likely that the heat pipe is fine, the failure rate is accelerated enough with the other two problems..

Comment: SMTP != distributed (Score 1) 45

by tomxor (#48703197) Attached to: Gmail Access Starts To Come Back In China, State-Run Paper Blames Google

"SMTP has been designed so that it has no single point of failure"

From SMTP:

"An e-mail client needs to know the IP address of its initial SMTP server and this has to be given as part of its configuration (usually given as a DNS name). This server will deliver outgoing messages on behalf of the user."

Comment: Rules && Defence (Score 1) 325

by tomxor (#48549607) Attached to: Heathrow Plane In Near Miss With Drone

This made me think... everyone always discusses the rules and laws for drones and their co-existence with larger aircraft... which is fine. However that's not going to stop anyone who doesn't mind breaking the rules (intentionally or otherwise), drones are relatively cheap, no license is required to get one, and there's pretty much nothing physically enforcing the use of drones.

So what about enforcing those rules when it comes to the larger non military manned aircraft... Perhaps they should have some kind of basic defence against small unmanned craft in their flight path. I wonder what kind of "airline" level weaponry would be acceptable to take out drones while not posing a risk to military aircraft. For starters an on-board radar and tracking system would be needed to pick up drones that are too small to be visible to ground based radar... It could even make the occasional encounter with bird shaped projectiles a little less dangerous.

The only problem with shooting a drone out of the sky is of course falling bits of drone... so i guess avoidance would be preferable given a sophisticated enough on board radar.

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