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Comment: Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 572

The legal and regulatory risks in doing this are too high to do this sort of data collection.

Almost every company I have worked for has operated off of the malicious assumption that its easier to violate their employees and issue apologies later. They almost always assume its only wrong if they get caught.

Paranoia is only wrong if it is illogical, irrational or lacks a historical precedent.

Comment: action comedy movie plot? (Score 1) 467

How is this not an-already-in production buddy-cop movie about the video return police?

Seriously I would almost switch places with this person just to get the chance to evade arrest when the arrest charge is failure to return a vhs tape to a closed business, 9 years after the fact.

Comment: developed vs undeveloped (Score 2) 61

by tommyatomic (#45977249) Attached to: Paging Dr. MacGyver: Maker Movement Comes To Medical Gear

Something to think about. Import/export controls, Taxes and Tarrifs.

These exist for almost everything except software/information (non cryptological) and raw materials.

Alot of the obsurd costs of bringing various products into another country are contrived but the useless bureaucracies in the sending or receiving countries.

There are no such costs involved in 3d printing something onsite. In the 3rd world this is huge. When employed people might only make $10 a week, a 45% markup plus packaging and shipping costs means there are a great number of things we take for granted in 1st world nations that people in the 3rd world have only seen photos of.

Comment: Re:Did anyone even read this article? (Score 1) 153

by tommyatomic (#45473737) Attached to: Many UAVs Vulnerable To Directed-Energy Weapons

Say it aint so. A researcher proclaiming that consumer tech is susceptible to interference that it is required to be susceptible to by the fcc.

OH GAWD the humanity; sensationalism in the news!!!!!!!!

Seriously the 1st gen AR.Drone had issues not auto-crashing into walls.

The newest version (AR.Drone2.0) has a module called a flight recorder that is just a usb GPS used to program waypoints on a route or automatically send it home.

Sure you could interfere with GPS. By that same logic you could get people to take the wrong freeway exit if they are too dumb pay attention to where they are going.

I must agree with your point about this:


This garbage article is akin to writing about a new samsung phone and confusing it for a story about autonomous humanoid robots. Android

Comment: burning dirty lawyers at the stake (Score 1) 488

by tommyatomic (#45203511) Attached to: Call Yourself a Hacker, Lose Your 4th Amendment Rights

Just as Hacking has ethical (Whitehat and Hardware) as well as unethical (Blackhats and all variations) it seems to me that Lawyers likely come in ethical and non-ethical varieties.

After a Lawyer demonstrates unethical behavior there needs to be a monetary bounty placed on them like fugitives. Clearly there are stupid and uneducated judges and unfortunately there are no laws against being stupid. But it takes an unethical lawyer to take advantage of such a judge. I believe cleansing fire should be applied to such an unethical person.

If it was good enough for Witches in the 1600-1700 its good enough for dirty lawyers.

Comment: Is it that hard not to take it personal? (Score 1) 871

by tommyatomic (#45059761) Attached to: Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video

People regularly accuse the police of being corrupt and stupid when the truth of the matter is the issue is simple indifference. The actual problem is that they are tasked with an unreasonable job with a contemptible performance metric.

The job of the police is simply to arrest someone. That is how they close a case. In the instance where they have someone in an interview room or stop someone on the street or a traffic stop they are looking for anything that they might be able to prove to a degree that a prosecutor could convict you. It doesn't have to be true. They honestly don't care. The majority of crimes are committed by repeat offenders. If they happen to arrest someone innocent thats ok because the guilty party will eventually be arrested for something else.

The defect in the OP argument is that he fails to realize the performance metric that police are measured by. And he clearly fails to reach the conclusion that sending the innocent to jail or prison is bad for society.

The 5th amendment is one of the sole protections that allows the innocent to protect themselves in a situation when the actual guilty party is not known.
The police and prosecutors lose no sleep regarding getting someone innocent to confess to a crime. Even if there is actual evidence that conflict with statements made in a confession. People like the OP watch too many technical procedural crime dramas on TV. Crime dramas that lead people to assume that the police and prosecutors will only arrest and charge someone if all the evidence in a crime fits the person they decide to accuse.

Comment: Really Sad (Score 0) 636

by tommyatomic (#43423055) Attached to: North Korean Missile Raised To Firing Position, Says US Official

Its like they want to be bombed back to the stone age just to see what it would be like. Korea's like a retarded kid poking a bully with a stick to see what would happen.

OR put in automotive terms its a D-bag in a souped up golf cart revving the cart in neutral next to an 400hp arial atom because he doesn't realize how massively outclassed they are.

The US has issues dealin with targets moving in the shadows. But give the combined might of the US Army-Navy-Airforce-and-Marines a fixed target with borders and a Flag and the US ambassador will be busy ignoring a UN resolution against reducing a country to glow-in-the-dark rubble before breakfast. N-K has a huge army. I think like 4th or 5th largest. I feel a great swell of pity for the families of the members of the North Korean army.

Comment: Jihad against spam or spam against jihad? (Score 2) 573

by tommyatomic (#35034164) Attached to: Spam Text Prematurely Blows Up Suicide Bomber

I'm confused.
I hate spam. I think that spam is the act of an ultimately useless flacid coward. Probably why they are always hawking so much damn viagra.
I hate terrorists. I think that terrorism is the act of an ultimately useless flacid coward. Maybe they wouldnt be so cranky if someone gave them some viagra.
So the question, If the spammers anger the suicide bombing kooks; And the jihadists go after the the spammers.
Who do we want to win? I suppose the best we can hope for is mutual distruction.

Comment: Re:didn't ask the right people (was: Re:Yes) (Score 1) 646

by tommyatomic (#32965820) Attached to: Does Anyone Really Prefer Glossy Screens?

Actually I spend alot of time coding. I do it from home, the road, on airplanes, hotels, etc.

The downside of this is keeping the screen clean. Matte screens pick up just as much gunk as glossy. But with glossy its easier to get it completely clean. Granted the glossy screens tend to be much brighter and therefore fingerprints and gunk show up right away but at least it can get it clean. Now with my personal workstation its differient. There is no-one stupid enough to suffer the wrath of my baseball bat and touch my workstation screen. No fingerprint issue so my workstation uses a matte screen.

Regardless, for anything that is going to leave the control of my personal office its glossy screen all the way.

Comment: why is anyone surprised? (Score 2, Informative) 103

by tommyatomic (#32915954) Attached to: Talk On Chinese Cyber Army Pulled From Black Hat

When you do a billing and explain exactly what sensitive information you are going to be talking about far in advance of the event. How is anyone surprised when the people to whom are actually sensitive to that information object. If your going to drop an informational bombshell it needs to be a surprise.

If your not dropping an informational bombshell then likely you are just trying to get attention and wasting everyones time.

Comment: Judge needs education regardin teh intra-web-tubes (Score 0, Flamebait) 250

by tommyatomic (#31847852) Attached to: Canadian Judge Orders Disclosure of Anonymous Posters

Me thinks that this judge and or the attorneys involved in this exercise in stupidity; need to be re-educated.

Basically if someone exercises their right to free speech and anonymously posts lies about you on the internet they are a TROLL. If someone exercises their right to free speach and anonymously posts an unfortunate truth about you on the internet you will just have to live with it. It's not something that anyone needs to sue over.

I dont know which this is, but I truely do not care. If I post that your mother intimately cosorts with farm animals and it isn't true then I am a TROLL. If it is true then it is unfortunate but hopefully nothing more.

This crap only makes the news because of how retarded it is.


Canadian Judge Orders Disclosure of Anonymous Posters 250

Posted by timothy
from the or-you'll-get-a-mountie's-hoofprint dept.
debrain writes "The Globe and Mail is reporting that Google and a newspaper called The Coast must disclose all information they have about the identity of individuals who posted anonymous comments online about top firefighters in Halifax. The story in question is titled 'Black firefighters file human rights complaint,' and there are some heated opinions in the comments."

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by tommyatomic (#30276876) Attached to: India Hanging Up On 25 Million Cell Phones

Yes but there is already infrastructure in place to combat CC fraud. Granted in India its not a good or reliable system but its a system none the less. And sat phones can be tracked whereas IMEI-less cell phones are not especially trackable.

Basically they are just forcing all their cellular networks to refuse connection to phones lacking IMEI numbers. This is hardly an international crisis. It just means that people are going to have to pay for their phone calls or pay to call in their bomb threats. No more free rides.

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