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Comment: Re:I like... (Score 1) 643

by tommyatomic (#47769141) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Yet they can afford armored vehicles and military weapons.

I agree with the point it seems like your trying to make but I'd like to point out that the state and municipal police dept arent buying ANY armored vehicles or military weapons. They are actually being given surplus assault vehicles and military weapons for FREE. They still have to buy ammunition and additional magazines though.

Take an MRAP to a metal recycler and junk it to pay for the cameras.

Comment: More information always better than less. (Score 1) 579

by tommyatomic (#47371527) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Due to the layout of my city and neighborhood I am regularly a motorist and pedestrian. Is a pedestrian I find the countdown timers to be exceptionally helpful in deciding to cross or not.

As a motorist I find them even more helpful as in my city we are subjected to random length yellow lights. It is never my intention to run a yellow light however in some intersections if you stop for a yellow light you may find yourself sitting at the yellow for up to 15 seconds. When the random length yellows were initially silently implemented there were a rash of rear-end collisions for vehicles stopping at intersections.

I would propose that drivers are entitled to more information rather than less. Drivers should see a countdown for the length of yellow lights as well as Green and Red lights.

This would allow motorists to make educated decisions. Currently drivers compelling their vehicles in a given direction hoping that the deities responsible for fate happen to be in their favor.

The additional information should come at the cost of zero tolerance. Currently we refer to collisions as accidents inferring that fault may not lay with the motorist.
Giving drivers more information should make them fully responsible. Run a red light = lose your license. Run a red and hit someone = go to jail.

Most people I've ridden with who seem compelled to run red lights seem to do so in an effort avoid intersections that dont perform the function of directing traffic but rather provide the function of blocking traffic:. IE light signals that sit red or turn RED with no opposing traffic or pedestrians. Get rid of broken intersections that punish people for obeying traffic signals and new drivers wont learn bad habits/existing drivers wont have bad habits reinforced.

Comment: backup training (Score 1) 387

by tommyatomic (#47263527) Attached to: Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data

So these guys apparently had no training on proper backup policies and procedures.

This is definitely a training issue. Clearly no one taught them how to do proper backups or even what a proper backup policy should look like.

I feel bad for them, but at the point that they have done nothing to protect themselves I cannot bring myself to feel too bad.

Why does no one take their backups offsite anymore or backup to a NAS device that backs itself up to something that can be taken offsite?

Backups Backups BACKUPS!!!

Comment: no law against being an a-hole yet. (Score 1) 449

In this particular situation what did anyone really expect? All loopholes aside the guy was wrongfully imprisoned. Many of his supporters admit the guy was a bit of an a-hole. I cant imagine him not being pissed about what happened and wanting a little compensation. And everyone likes a little righteous retribution. Especially a-holes.

Comment: When someone is exceptionally stupid..... (Score 2) 362

by tommyatomic (#47020647) Attached to: Should Tesla Make Batteries Instead of Electric Cars?

You should always ask what else do they do a complete shite job on.

Jeffrey Gundlach has a god give right to be a complete uninformed tool and has every right to loudly make proclamations that reveal this fact to all that hear him.

Just as I have every right to take his outburst of stupid as a warning.

I need to contact my portfolio manager ASAP and make sure Bond manager Jeffrey Gundlach isnt closely associated with anything in my portfolio.

Comment: load of crap (Score 2) 98

by tommyatomic (#46962339) Attached to: SpaceX Injunction Dissolved

I read through the final ruling. Its not a ruling. its a sidestep that effectively undermines the executive orders of the president. Each government agency is basically saying that even though executive order 13661 requires them to in no way do any business or pay any money to the russians that they have decided even though Rogozin controls the manufacture of russian rockets that the assorted government agencies assert that they have to first investigate the company in question and they'll let the court know when they get around to it. probably never.

load of crap

Comment: physical shelters need electronic shelters too!!!! (Score 1) 133

If a woman (OR MAN) is in a shelter for the purpose of protecting themselves from physical abuse the original act of which was psychologically scarring then the folks in the shelters need to be teaching those being sheltered some common sense. Stop using socal networking.

I have had multiple female friends and co-workers who have been properly traumatized by stalkers. The absolute first thing I tell them is to close their damn facebook account and wipe themselves off the internet. Social networking is the defacto #1 enabler for stalkers and pedophiles.

TOR is all well and good. But start with common sense and save people from themselves by training people not to use social networking.

In the old days shelters mainly had to worry that some douchebag would publish their address. Or one of the women at the shelter would tell an untrustworthy friend where they were.

Now you have people who nearly post their schedules online in the form of facebook posts, tweets, and foursquare checkins. I would hope the first thing they do is teach people not to enable their perpetrators. Stop using social networking.

Comment: NFC jamming anyone? (Score 2) 1374

by tommyatomic (#46889983) Attached to: "Smart" Gun Seller Gets the Wrong Kind of Online Attention

It seems overly likely that this watch "smartgun" combo use some kind of near field communications. Whats to stop someone from jamming NFC like the asshat with the cell jammer they caught the other day?

I for one will probably not welcome our new NFC jamming overlords that will with the push of a button disable nearby Smart guns with a simple jamming transmitter.

Now that I'm thinking this through a Jamming device would prevent alot of police caused deaths. Might be a safer time to take up a life of crime.

Also possible that with an NFC hacking program on a Smartphone a criminal might be able to activate a smartgun stolen from a police officer.

This sounds like a brilliant plan. Almost needs a Florida tag on fark.

Comment: Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 572

The legal and regulatory risks in doing this are too high to do this sort of data collection.

Almost every company I have worked for has operated off of the malicious assumption that its easier to violate their employees and issue apologies later. They almost always assume its only wrong if they get caught.

Paranoia is only wrong if it is illogical, irrational or lacks a historical precedent.

Comment: action comedy movie plot? (Score 1) 467

How is this not an-already-in production buddy-cop movie about the video return police?

Seriously I would almost switch places with this person just to get the chance to evade arrest when the arrest charge is failure to return a vhs tape to a closed business, 9 years after the fact.

Comment: developed vs undeveloped (Score 2) 61

by tommyatomic (#45977249) Attached to: Paging Dr. MacGyver: Maker Movement Comes To Medical Gear

Something to think about. Import/export controls, Taxes and Tarrifs.

These exist for almost everything except software/information (non cryptological) and raw materials.

Alot of the obsurd costs of bringing various products into another country are contrived but the useless bureaucracies in the sending or receiving countries.

There are no such costs involved in 3d printing something onsite. In the 3rd world this is huge. When employed people might only make $10 a week, a 45% markup plus packaging and shipping costs means there are a great number of things we take for granted in 1st world nations that people in the 3rd world have only seen photos of.

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by tommyatomic (#45473737) Attached to: Many UAVs Vulnerable To Directed-Energy Weapons

Say it aint so. A researcher proclaiming that consumer tech is susceptible to interference that it is required to be susceptible to by the fcc.

OH GAWD the humanity; sensationalism in the news!!!!!!!!

Seriously the 1st gen AR.Drone had issues not auto-crashing into walls.

The newest version (AR.Drone2.0) has a module called a flight recorder that is just a usb GPS used to program waypoints on a route or automatically send it home.

Sure you could interfere with GPS. By that same logic you could get people to take the wrong freeway exit if they are too dumb pay attention to where they are going.

I must agree with your point about this:


This garbage article is akin to writing about a new samsung phone and confusing it for a story about autonomous humanoid robots. Android

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