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Comment Back in the day.... (Score 1) 136

My IT job, 1997?

I had been out of work for a while, and was at an unemployment "get into work" workshop, and one of the chaps spotted a local paper article mentioning an internet cafe opening in that town, and he knew I wanted to work in computing (I'd self-trained and then properly trained in C programming). I typed and sent a letter (WordPerfect 5.1, thank you very much), and the owner asked to meet me. So we met, and even though he'd already appointed a member of IT staff he liked the look of me and offered me a job as well. Apparently the fact I wore a beard was a deciding factor as he believed it was the right sort of look for an internet cafe....

Anyway, the owner (an interesting/odd chap... but I digress) arranged for Demon Internet to deal with a lot of the initial setup, including the local mail/web server. This ran Slackware (I believe, but I really don't know the version), and it's there I started to use Linux. I didn't do that much on it, merely hope it worked, and maintained the website and user accounts.

It was this experience / CV info that got me a proper IT job looking after WinNT, Solaris and all sorts of user-stuff, and I've moved further and further into the world of Linux with each new role.

I love Linux, it's great.

Comment Re:A Misnomer (Score 2) 317

Well, W10 is certainly far better (so far) than W8 (UI, virtual deksops etc). If you're not sure, try it out in a VM or - heavens - read the articles linked to above.
W8 had many flaws, but there were definite advantages to it over W7 (I've mentioned them elsewhere - File History, an improved Task manager - but there are plenty more).
Overall, W10 is certainly a massive upgrade from W7, the same way W7 was a massive upgrade from XP.

Professional advice time:
* Make sure you have the information you need (not just the information that suits your viewpoint).
* Be prepared to reevaluate based on new information.
* Don't try to redefine words to help push your point of view, it just looks daft. If in doubt about the correct meaning, check a dictionary.

Comment So far so good.... (Score 4, Interesting) 317

Am I allowed to say this on /.?
W10 is so far not too awful.
W8 introduced File History and a far improved Task Manager, the former alone was enough to get me to put in on my home PC. I'll admit I had to install Classic Shell to remain sane, but I don't think I was alone in not enjoying the Metro interface.

With W10 there remain those goodies, virtual desktops (finally, hurrah!) and best of all a non-offensive UI. Yes, it's different to W7 and still a little messy for my liking, but then things do change, and we do cope. I'm not going to move my home PC to W10 for a while, but I'm not totally discounting it either...

Comment Re:So much for Debian 8, then... (Score 3, Insightful) 338

I'm instead amazed by Google's arrogance in stating that RHEL 6 is "too old" for Google Chrome. It's been that way since at least last summer, so my RHEL teaching cluster and workstations just don't have chrome installed.

Actually, that's not quite true - one user manged to get Chrome working, but it regularly consumes all system resources and crashes the PC. Result.

All in all, I'm happy to do without Chrome on RHEL 6. Will I try to get it working when I roll out RHEL 7 this summer? Possibly, but moves like this make me wonder if Google's a company whose products I want to install at all. Firefox ESR may have its faults, but it basically works, and I can trust it'll stay working.

Comment Re:Why Google? Shouldn't Microsoft patch XP? (Score 2) 579

Are you being deliberately dense?

Okay, try this.
Windows 7 was released in 2009, and will get security fixes until 2020.
Even Windows Vista (released in 2007 for home) will get security fixes until 2017.

Let's look at phone versions instead:
Windows Phone 7 was released in October 2010 and left support in October 2014.
Windows Phone 8 was released in October 2012 and will be supported until January 2016.

Looks like Windows users are getting a little better support from their supplier.

System going down in 5 minutes.