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Comment: Re:Renewable or infinite? (Score 2) 835

by tnmc (#38159296) Attached to: The Myth of Renewable Energy

Industrial scale biomass farming is destroying the eroding the soil. The grassland in the Midwest prairie had uninterrupted millennia to grow and create the soil that grows so much corn and soy today. Iowa has lost 10 inches of topsoil in the last 100 years due to soil erosion caused by industrial farming. Good luck powering your iPad off the corn grown in Iowa when the 8 inches left is gone in the next hundred years and the place literally turns to dust.

Comment: Re:"Professor killing Ukraine (Score 1) 359

by tnmc (#32591336) Attached to: In Ukraine, IT Freelancing Under Threat

What you don't understand is that Putin and most Russians cannot contemplate an independent Ukraine. It destroys the founding myth of Russia and Russian nationalism.

When Putin says this like this please tell me there is nothing to be afraid of from this man and this country.

Looks like another nationalistic rant?

Try Patriotic plea.

Comment: Re:"Professor killing Ukraine (Score 2, Informative) 359

by tnmc (#32591298) Attached to: In Ukraine, IT Freelancing Under Threat

That might be insightful if by 'pro-Western faction' you actually meant anything. It was not 'pro-Western' policies or governing that cost Yushchenko a second term, it was pathetically weak leadership. And Yanukovich won with a bare majority in a run-off.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that, in US parlance, Yanukovich is a two-time felony loser, twice convicted of aggravated assault and robbery.

His government has moved swiftly and surely to censor journalist, blunt criticism with intimidation of Universities and just yesterday, assaulting a journalist.

This is not about introducing a forward looking tax law, it's about putting in a law that will be used to bankrupt and criminialise the opposition.

Just like they do in Russia

Comment: Re:An unmet need in the biotech community (Score 1) 122

by tnmc (#31110956) Attached to: Document Management For Research With Annotation?

PageCenterX can store and organise your PDFs including full-text search, indexing and page-level annotation which can be kept private or shared at a user or group level. Advanced import allows rule-based decollation and routing of documents if required.

Full Disclosure: I am employed by LRS

Comment: Re:Explained by a Simple Formula (Score 1) 944

by tnmc (#29851275) Attached to: When Libertarians Attack Free Software

"Big, bloated, inefficient government leads to big, bloated, inefficient corps, with no real innovation or market competition. "

Rarely have I read a more egregious pile of nonsense.

Big government causes big corporations which leads to market inefficiencies? What?

First of all, the more powerful governments are, the more powerful regulation is which *limits* the power and size of corporate power. Let's not forget that Government *represents* the People. Zero marks for electing idiots Americans you should be taking responsibility for making sure your elected representatives do what you want them to.

Secondly, the fact that massive corporations have "no real {incentive to} innovation" and distort "market competition" should be encouraging so-called "Libertarians" towards greater government regulation.

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.