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uSocial Sells Twitter Followers By the Thousand 118

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the how-to-know-when-you've-jumped-the-shark dept.
bfire writes to tell us that marketing firm uSocial has decided to apply a new monetization scheme to the Twitter service by providing packages of followers for purchase. "According to the firm, a single Twitter follower could be worth $0.10 a month. It is selling followers in various packages, starting at 1,000 for $87, which is delivered in seven days, and going all the way up to 100,000 followers at a cost of $3,479, delivered over a year." This is just the latest in a number of different exploits and problems of the Twitter universe as individuals try to subvert a popular tool into a self-serving device.

Norfolk Police Officers To Be Tagged To Improve Response Times 150

Posted by samzenpus
from the car-54-I-know-exactly-where-you-are dept.
Police in Norfolk, England already have tracking units, The Automatic Vehicle Location System, installed in their cars that allow a control room to track their exact locations. Later this year a similar system will be attached to individual police radios to allow controllers to monitor the position of every frontline officer. Combined with equipment that can pinpoint the locations of 999 callers, the system will allow the force to home in on "shouts" to within yards. The system also lets operators filter a map showing the location of its vehicles and constables to reveal only those with the skills needed for a specific incident, like the closest officer with silver bullets during a werewolf attack.

Comment: " By basing professional hiring decisions" joke (Score 1) 681

by tnhtnh (#27062183) Attached to: Should Job Seekers Tell Employers To Quit Snooping?

By basing professional hiring decisions on candidates

While I am a senior linux engineer, I also contribute to the technical hiring of candidates. "professional hiring decisions on candidates" do not involve how technical someone is but how they fit into the team and organisation. There is no room for a double agent in a work place and those double agents are highly likely to be those who are antagonistic in their forum posts.

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