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Comment: Re:Advertised price 9.96 = 10.00 (Score 1) 362

by tmshort (#42466649) Attached to: Canada To Stop Producing Pennies In 2013

Canada has GST and HST, both of which as sales taxes. A read of the article says that a subtotal is calculate, tax is then added, and then depending on the method of payment, the amount is rounded as necessary; only for cash transactions.

The books will not be "off by several hundred dollars" because the rounding will go down 50% of the time, and up 50% of the time, averaging out to a net zero loss/gain. POS (Point-Of-Sale) software can be updated to make note of how rounding is done for each transaction, and this can be tallied at the end of the day.

Comment: eSATA (Score 1) 405

by tmshort (#40944057) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Simple Way To Backup 24TB of Data Onto USB HDDs ?

Your best bet for speed is likely to be eSATA.

Have you looked into something like this:

The cost becomes noise when you consider how many drives you will end up needing, and per TB, will be cheaper than USB solutions.

I don't know how your data is organized, but if possible, you may want to back it up by project/directory/etc.

There are also online backup systems that can do what you want, but it'll take an extremely long time...

Comment: Weird Pricing (Score 1) 307

by tmshort (#40686901) Attached to: AT&T Introducing Verizon-Style Shared Data Plans

I currently pay $220 + tax:
400 minutes = $60 + 4x lines ($10) = $100
Unlimited messaging = $30
Data: 2x 2GB ($25) + 2x 200GB ($15) + unlimited non-smartphone ($10) = $90

There is a sweet spot in this plan for me. I have 4 smart phones, plus a messaging phone, which gives the following:
4GB -> $260 + tax
6GB -> $260 + tax
10GB -> $270 + tax
Why would I pick 4GB if 6GB is the same price?

If I were to have have 5 lines, so the price of 5 smart phones is:
4GB -> $270 + tax
6GB -> $265 + tax
10GB -> $270 + tax
Still, why would I pick 4 GB if 10 GB is the same price?

This is not much of a discount for me... unless my other lines had 2GB plans and/or I was tethering and/or I had a 3G iPad.
Tethering seems to be included, however.

Comment: It's easy to spoof (Score 5, Interesting) 346

by tmshort (#40452377) Attached to: Facebook Says Your Email Is @Facebook

I didn't have any email addresses under my "About". Facebook didn't change my email addresses, it added the one to my About page. I was able to hide it, but you won't be able to get rid of it.

You can easily spoof FB messages to people using an unsecured SMTP server. I tried sending myself a message from my wife (not knowing my wife's FB or email passwords), and it worked; it looked as though the message were from her! Since there's no email headers to evaluate, you can't tell where it really came from. There is a little icon indicating that it is "Unable to confirm X as the sender." But it still shows up with her FB profile picture and full name (which I didn't provide in the email).

Comment: Car Wars? (Score 5, Interesting) 95

I miss Car Wars.
I had lots of fun playing that after school and playing the cheesy computer game based on it (which came with a mini-toolkit in the box - no more swag like that in games any more!).

SJG stopped publishing supplements and revised the system. Unfortunately, they over-simplified it and effective killed it.

Comment: I've had my DVR fix for over a decade... (Score 2) 93

by tmshort (#38585158) Attached to: Tivo Gets $215 Million Patent Settlement From AT&T

I've always liked TiVo products - I've bought a number of them over the years (my mom loves it!). I was one of those who "won" a Series 1 way back when; their system screwed up an awarded almost everyone who entered a free TiVo.

But TiVo as a company has always worried me; their stock has generally been week; and they haven't really innovated much beyond the original DVR.

OK, it's cool that they have a 4-tuner model, but how many times do I really have that many conflicts? Especially with today's cable networks rebroadcasting shows after 3 hours for the west coast?

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