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Comment Re:VAC is a joke (Score 5, Interesting) 336

I think cheating is only a problem when there is actual competition going on. Public servers in any FPS-game are so random anyway, that only a blatant aimbotter can affect the game negatively. Luckily, these guys are easy to spot and ban by the server admins.

VAC does its job brilliantly. It's a system designed to ban players that can be confirmed to be running a cheating software. It's designed to give no false positives, and so far the Valve's record is clear on that.

I play Team Fortress 2 competitively, and we have our own leagues from which we can ban players according to their Steam IDs. Every league has its own Anti-Cheat admins, who examine the recorded replays of official matches. There is only one player caught cheating in TF2 that has played on the highest level. He also attended LANs where you can't play with your own computer without a noticeable change in his skill level. So you can't really say that he profited that much.

It's just so hard to cheat and stay on top of the competition and not get caught that most people just won't bother. I wouldn't say cheating is a major problem, at least in the TF2 scene.

PC Games (Games)

Valve's Battle Against Cheaters 336

wjousts writes "IEEE Spectrum takes a look behind the scenes at Valve's on-going efforts to battle cheaters in online games: 'Cheating is a superserious threat,' says [Steam's lead engineer, John] Cook. 'Cheating is more of a serious threat than piracy.' The company combats this with its own Valve Anti-Cheat System, which a user consents to install in the Steam subscriber agreement. Cook says the software gets around anti-virus programs by handling all the operations that require administrator access to the user's machine. So, how important is preventing cheating? How much privacy are you willing to sacrifice in the interests of a level playing field? 'Valve also looks for changes within the player's computer processor's memory, which might indicate that cheat code is running.'"

Comment Emoji (Score 4, Informative) 250

Basically every Japanese cell phone supports "emoji" emoticons, but iPhone was long without the support. This definitely was a deal breaker for some people, especially younger consumers.

It's officially only available for Japanese customers, but it can be unlocked:

The instructions sound suspicious but I personally tested this on 2.2 firmware and it worked. I can now use emoji in text messages, tweets, or any other text field. It's also a great way to amaze your friends who have iPhones; every iPhone from 2.2 up supports viewing emoji by default.

Comment Sensational titles FTL (Score 0) 295

We already have a way to wipe peoples brain. Remember guns? In some parts of the world, any adult can own an instant mind-wiping device. Some countries also posess weaponry that can wipe any existence of a city. People suddenly forgot that we are able to nuke the whole planet of ours out of life at any time?

Comment Re:I hope it's clearly marked and confirmed (Score 0) 148

So what happens if I mistap "Confirm"? Is there undo? Mistaps on iPhone are plenty. It's not based on pressure, so it's not too far fetched to mistap twice in a row. I'd much rather type my iTunes account password every time I purchase something, than accidentally buy content I didn't intend to.

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