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Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 286

I actually did "not renew" last month, (and the month before that, the renewal letters didn't stop).

Climate change coverage was only one aspect of my motivation. It is the simple lack of "geography" in the magazine. They don't do geography anymore. Rather it became the "Social Cause of the Month Club" magazine.

By the way, my degree is a B.A. in Geography. I may say something in the "Do Tech Firms Really Want Liiberal Arts Majors" article this same day. (May not apply in New York where Geography is a science.)

Comment Rivets Anyone? (Score 1) 313

Makes me want to play Metagaming's "Rivets" from 1980:


HERE COME THE ROBOTS....OOPS! BOPPERS were mass produced robotic war machines. When the final war ended they were all that was left. Everyone was dead; but, the BOPPERS kept on fighting. Afterall, with the intelligence of can openers what could you expect. RIVETS is a two player tactical level science fiction game of robotic warfare in the 22nd century. Players select their robot armies, set their programs, and send them out to destroy the enemy computer complex. RIVETS is fast playing and easy to learn with a humorous style. Games are quick even if the robots are a bit dumb.

Boppers came in 5 different types, Rocket Boppers, Jack Boppers, Dive Boppers, Big Boppers, and Tiny (pronounced Teeny) Boppers. There was a later scenario where they all fought an Ogre Mark IV.

Comment Re:HP3000 (Score 1) 620

Except that MPE/iX didn't come out until the late 1990s, before that it was MPE/XL, in 1981 it would have been MPE/IV or MPE/III.

My job still using HP3000. MPE/iX 7.5, still runs many programs compiled in 1972. Not all, some fell by the wayside of due to hardware calls.

(Yes my signature site is down, it's the network not the machine.)

Comment Sell! (Score 1) 431

Do what counties used to do when short on funds, sell real estate!

Russia sold Alaska, Napoloeon sold Louisiana, remember the Gadsen purchase?

Aren't there some islands Russia are willing to buy for some southern Naval Bases? China would do it too, just to rub our noses in it. And they have cash!

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