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Comment: Re:If Obama's BIRTH can be an issue (Score 2) 571

by tmarsh86 (#40973665) Attached to: Let the Campaign Edit Wars Begin
We have this deficit and debt because spending has been more than revenue for a long time. It doesn't matter how much taxes are raised if the spending keeps pace- the debt will continue to rise. Any serious budget plan will have to be fully locked in to cutting spending by a lot every fiscal year. It has to be done. And anyone that isn't willing to do it needs to stay out of Washington. There needs to be a balanced budget amendment passed and a trigger for spending cuts every single year until the debt is below a certain threshold. Washington needs to have discipline forced on it since it can not do it on its own.

Comment: Before I attack this cloud computing problem... (Score 1) 278

by tmarsh86 (#39212561) Attached to: What The DHS Is Looking For In Your Posts
I have to take a leak. Also, this electric drill I bought last week to work on a bust of Steve Jobs has an emergency recall on it from the manufacturer- shows symptoms of power failure. My target date for completion of the project- without help and delays- depends on how much time I spend on these social media sites; they sure are addictive... almost like narcotics. BTW, has anyone seen that remake of 3:10 to Yuma? I heard it's pretty good.

The next person to mention spaghetti stacks to me is going to have his head knocked off. -- Bill Conrad