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Comment Re:i think it shows trends in GitHub's demographic (Score 4, Interesting) 132

I agree. If you look up what programming language experience companies are looking for, you usually end up with two very unsexy choices: Java and C.


Javascript will continue to be popular if only because it's becoming the defacto standard for cross-platform mobile development.

Comment It's a price rise (Score 4, Insightful) 112

This effectively raises prices. Before, you could get your $700 iPhone for $200, and over the course of 2 years, you'd pay the subsidy off.

So without considering the cost of money, and to keep this simple, it's effectively $500 subsidy/ 24 months or about $21/month.

But here's where people stop thinking. You weren't actually paying for the phone, the phone company was. Because at the end of 24 months, you're still paying the same monthly rate, and you now own the phone. In the case of an iPhone, the value has historically worked about to be about $150-200 which you can sell yourself and get a new phone for $200.

Now think of this way. Now you get no subsidy on the phone, and they didn't lower their monthly bill by $21. So what Verizon, Spring, and T-Mobile did was effectively raise their monthly rates because you get no more subsidy, and the monthly cost of the plan is the same as it was before.

Comment Linkedin is now utterly worthless (Score 5, Interesting) 70

The little utility it had at one time was ruined when they decided to sell your information to salespeople so they can "link" with you and try to sell you stuff.

One thing I don't need is more salespeople contacting me and wanting to sell me stuff.

Also their random-recommendations has been a joke from day 1.

I have to ask why anybody even uses the service any more.

Comment Re:This is a warning many need to hear (Score 1) 489

"People should study what they want."

Sure. Just don't expect to earn a living at it when you're done.

Still, I question the advice. If you really love "literature", there's no one stopping you from studying down at the local library and the internet.

Seems to me if you know you can't get a job at it, its a Hobby, not a Profession. Plan your investment accordingly.

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