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Comment: Linkedin is now utterly worthless (Score 5, Interesting) 70

by tkrotchko (#46207471) Attached to: LinkedIn Ditches Feature That Was a 'Dream For Attackers'

The little utility it had at one time was ruined when they decided to sell your information to salespeople so they can "link" with you and try to sell you stuff.

One thing I don't need is more salespeople contacting me and wanting to sell me stuff.

Also their random-recommendations has been a joke from day 1.

I have to ask why anybody even uses the service any more.

Comment: Re:This is a warning many need to hear (Score 1) 489

by tkrotchko (#43369785) Attached to: Getting a Literature Ph.D. Will Make You Into a Horrible Person

"People should study what they want."

Sure. Just don't expect to earn a living at it when you're done.

Still, I question the advice. If you really love "literature", there's no one stopping you from studying down at the local library and the internet.

Seems to me if you know you can't get a job at it, its a Hobby, not a Profession. Plan your investment accordingly.

Comment: Re:West Virginia is the butt... (Score 1) 183

Also, West Virginia has a lot of small wirless phone companies that managed to grab the frequencies that were used by the larger carriers resulting in spotty service. They simply didn't invest money in infrastructure, so the citizens of WV were stuck with substandard cell service.

LTE should improve that since the feds sold those frequencies to big players like Verizion Wireless & AT&T who will likely invest a lot more in cell towers and improve service.

Comment: I think the title is wrong (Score 2) 561

by tkrotchko (#42429615) Attached to: Why Linux On Microsoft Surface Is a Tough Challenge

Microsoft Surface is not the name of a particular tablet, but a line of tablets which includes Windows RT & Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro Surface does not require signed binaries, it is simply Windows Pro.

They're talking specifically about Windows RT, and its not any better or worse than an iPad.

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