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+ - Google to Hold Back 'Honeycomb' From Phones

Submitted by adeelarshad82
adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "Andy Rubin, vice-president for engineering at Google and head of its Android group, informed that Google will hold back its Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" to smaller phone manufacturers for undisclosed period of time. He said that Honeycomb was designed for tablets, not phones, and that it had more work to do before Honeycomb was released in an open-source format. Since OEMs like HTC or Motorola already have the code, it puts smaller phone manufacturers at a disadvantage plus carriers like Cricket Wireless, and its plans to carry forthcoming seven-inch Anydata tablet that will run on Honeycomb, up in the air."

Comment: Re:Ban drive thru restaurants while you're at it (Score 1) 509

by tjansen (#34697390) Attached to: Paris To Test Banning SUVs In the City
Actually many newer european cars have a start-stop-automatic (as soon as your car stops, the engine turns off; if you press the gas-pedal it turns on automatically), so there does not have to be any idling. IIRC this is not popular in the US because its savings would not be included in the official MPG ratings, but some manufacturer (can't remember which) is going to introduce it in the US soon.

Comment: Re:Given how much oil it takes to make plastic.... (Score 2) 223

by tjansen (#34572054) Attached to: JBI's Plastic To Oil Gets Operating Permit

Hmm.. but in that case, the bottle would be made of less valuable components. Which would mean that the demand for the components required for a plastic bottle is lower than the demand for the other components, and thus plastic bottle are merely a by-product. So I wonder, would reducing the number of plastic bottle have any impact on the general oil consumption?

After all, even if there wouldn't be any plastic bottles anymore, the oil would still be needed because of the other components.

Comment: Re:Given how much oil it takes to make plastic.... (Score 2) 223

by tjansen (#34571788) Attached to: JBI's Plastic To Oil Gets Operating Permit

"So your average plastic water bottle requires about 1/4 a litre of refined oil products to be produced."

I have no idea of plastic production, but it looks wrong to me: if oil costs about $40 per barrel (159l), 1/4 litre is about $0.05. I can't imaging a plastic bottle costing that much - I can buy a bottle of water in a supermarket for not much more than 5 cent. Am I missing something?

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Drummer for The Germs arrested for carrying soap

Submitted by
dwrugh writes "Ah sweet irony: -his-nose-clean/27038/ tml

A field test indicated positive for GHB, the date rape drug. Using the same test kit, available on the web for $20 for a pack of 10, according to Bolles' attorney on NBC this morning, other soaps tested positive for GHB but of course since it is just soap when you test it in a real crime lab it comes back negative. Makes you wonder what other common household products also test positive; and how many others have been arrested based on faulty test kits who didn't have the resources to defend themselves."

+ - Personal data exposed! Can legislation fix it?

Submitted by
rabblerouzer writes "Millions have had their personal information stolen because of lax security and may not even know it because of the patchwork of state laws that fail to mandate timely notification of victims. Boston-based law firm Mintz Levin is seeking feedback on what you would like to see included in draft legislation. You have a stake in this; speak up."
Utilities (Apple)

+ - Top 22 Mac OS X Software Tools

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Mac advocate John C. Welch is at it again, this time weighing in with his list of Top 22 Mac OS X Products. The collection of software tools ranges from the obvious — Boot Camp — to the obscure but perhaps more useful. That'd be little-known apps like Peter Borg's Lingon, for creating launchd configuration files, and BBEdit a professional HTML and text editor. (A collection of screen shots is here.) What's on your personal list of indispensable Mac productivity aids and programming tools? Also, do you think Welch pays too much attention to built-in OS X tools such as Workgroup Manager and Sync Services at the expense of third-party products like NetworkLocation?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - British Military Deploys Skynet

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The BBC is reporting that the United Kingdom is about to launch Skynet 5, a system that will allow faster communications for UK and allied forces around the world. 'It's going to provide five times the amount of capacity that the previous system provided, and allow the military to do things they just haven't been able to do in the past,' said one developer. The Governor of California is reportedly standing by."

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