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Journal Journal: Data Havens

Yesterday Slashdot published a submission of mine. It was a rambling link-stuffed question that mentioned and asked about data havens. I'm not sure the question came across accurately based on the responses, but there were a few good ones. I made a few responses in the thread, which hopefully won't go unnoticed.

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Journal Journal: Grouse

With all due respect to this, I'm frustrated about a submission that was rejected. I was sure when I submitted it would be accepted. Turned out it was, but only in the form of a duplicate submission a week later pointing to the same story I submited to As a knee-jerk reaction I whined about it, and the comment was pretty quickly slapped by the editors. Oh well, I'll live. :)
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Journal Journal: Libraries Are 31337

My essay Librarians: We're Not What You Think (which is pretty much an annotated index to the ODP category Librarians in Society) was first linked to here and has since been published by Slashdot.

Slashdot stripped out the title elements and CSS formatting (of course), but I didn't want to have my paid host slashdotted. I also used my spam e-mail account - for some reason I get more virus spam to my slashdot email address than all others combined.

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