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+ - First NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament->

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bhaak1 writes "The first — and hopefully annually — NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament called Junethack has started last Sunday and runs until the end of August 14th.
This tournament features Vanilla NetHack and several of its forks: SporkHack, UnNethack, AceHack and as a special bonus game — never seen on a public server before — NetHack 1.3d, the first version of the game called NetHack, released 1987. There are various achievements to gain, even for those poor souls that can't win this complex and sadistic game.
The source code of the tournament management and website software is available for hacking on GitHub if you prefer hacking code to hacking monsters."

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+ - Wikia ToU, skin change alienates contributors->

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ais523 (1172701) writes "Wikia, the commercial wiki site founded by Jimmy Wales, has alienated many of its largest wikis by forcing a change to their styling, and using their Terms of Use to prevent wiki admins changing it back, despite huge opposition to the fixed-width nature of the new skin. Opposition to the change has mostly been centralised at the debate on WoWWiki, one of Wikia's most active wikis, about whether to leave Wikia for good, with the Wikipedia article on the subject containing an ever-increasing list of wikis that have moved away from Wikia already. Is this the first time people have paid sufficient attention to a website Terms of Service to actually leave in hordes as a result?"
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Comment: smile, you're recorded (Score 1) 73

by tilminator (#20432583) Attached to: Entering Passwords Through Eye Movement
If the computer can accurately track my head and eyes when I'm entering passwords, I can do so all the time. Just imagine the privacy issues. Does your boss know if you are distracted or working (frequent eye shifts)? How about recognizing people by their eye movements - biometric identity theft? On the upside, you could use it to reliably research face mimics. Think about how much more $PRODUCT you could sell if you knew exactly which part of the commercial sucks.

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