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Comment: what about LPS the US Air Force linux Distro (Score 1) 78

by tikal808 (#40261035) Attached to: Linux For Navy Drone Ground Stations
I have not read all the comments, but the United States Air Force has it's own Linux distro called LPS. My guess is that they will use that, or use it as a starting point so they are not starting from scratch. Here is more info:
LPS is designed to serve as a Secure End Node. It can run on on almost any Intel-based computer (PC or Mac). LPS boots only in RAM, creating a pristine, non-persistent, end node. It is capable using Common Access Card (CAC) software for authentication into DoD networks.

+ - Nissan Motors affected by computer virus->

Submitted by tikal808
tikal808 (2622665) writes "On April 13, 2012, our information security team confirmed the presence of a computer virus on our network and immediately took aggressive actions to protect the company's systems and data. This included actions to protect information related to customers, employees and other partners worldwide. This incident initially involved the malicious placement of malware within our IS network, which then allowed transfer from a data store, housing employee user account credentials. We believe that user IDs and hashed passwords were transmitted. We have no indication that any personal information and emails have been compromised. Regardless, we are continuing to take appropriate precautionary measures."
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