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+ - Google Apps Premier Edition Aims At The Enterprise

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twofish writes: "According to eWeek Google is adding Docs & Spreadsheets to its Google Apps Premier Edition and offering a pay per seat bundle to corporate customers at $50 a seat per year. For the $50 PE fee, you also get 10GB of storage compared to the free version's 2GB. The Paid for version also gives you access to APIs to hook the suite into existing corporate systems, so admins can still control provisioning, data migration, single sign-on etc. 24x7 support is also included, including phone support for administrators, and a 99.9 per cent uptime promise. Unlike Microsoft, Google seems to have a working currency converter, with UK clients being charged £26 a seat. Early adopters include GE and Proctor and Gamble, which are running beta programs on "point projects" in the US."
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Apple, Cisco Settle iPhone Trademark Lawsuit 111

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A number of readers let us know that Cisco and Apple have settled the lawsuit over the use of the iPhone name for Apple's new multimedia phone. The agreement allows Apple and Cisco both to use the iPhone brand on their own products. Also, the companies said they would explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, consumer and business communications. Apple still faces a suit over the name in Canada and one over its touch-screen technology in the UK.

Comment: Re:They Will, Eventually (Score 1) 157

by ticacms (#15338644) Attached to: Nintendo Shares Up, But Do Devs 'Get' the Wii?
For the Wii to sell tons of units, there will probably need to be a good amount of third-party games. If no third-party games come out until many units are sold, then that would be a catch-22.
And that's why hype is THE thing console makers are loooking for... Just read this discussion and you'll see. Nintendo has nothing to fear.

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