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Comment: VERY CRUDE TREATMENT (Score 1) 49

by thygate (#48932495) Attached to: Brain Implants Get Brainier
I'm not convinced there's any real progress here, I actually thought most of these implants were closed-loop already. However this still seems VERY crude ! What's going on here is that they're detecting patterns that are empirically determined to trigger an onset of an attack, and then just blast some indiscriminate region of the brain with electric pulses of which the parameters are also determined empirically .. Ok, it's a good progress for people that really need it, and for whom there are no alternatives, but it also shows how primitive this technology still is, and how little we still know about signalling in the brain.

Comment: Re:SDR? (Score 1) 71

by thygate (#48712685) Attached to: New App Detects Government Stingray Cell Phone Trackers
RTLSDR has pisspoor dynamic range (8 bit ADC), sure you can do some triangulation, but it will be very inaccurate & unreliable. Also current generation technology has a bandwidth of ~10MHz, RTLSDR can only do about ~3MHz max. (example of triangulating a VHF signal here : http://www.rtl-sdr.com/triangu...) There's plenty of cheap SDR projects out there nowadays, much, much better than the RTLSDR. And if you're serious, really advanced hardware will only set you back a few thousand $$$. (http://www.ettus.com/product/details/E310-KIT)

+ - France investigating mysterious drone activity on 7 nuclear power plant sites->

Submitted by thygate
thygate (1590197) writes "In France, an investigation has been launched into the appearance of "drones" on 7 different nuclear power plant sites across the country in the last month. Some of the plants involved are Creys-Malville en Bugey in the southeast, Blayais in the southwest, Cattenom en Chooz in the northeast, Gravelines in the north, and Nogent-sur-Seine, close to Paris. On each occasion "drones" were seen on the domain somewhere from late in the evening to early in the morning, while it is forbidden to fly over these sites on altitudes less than 1 km in a 5 km radius. According to a spokesman of the state electric company that runs the facilities (EDF), there was no danger to the security and production of the plants. However these incidents will likely bring nuclear safety concerns back into the spotlight. France is number one country in the world when it comes to dependency on nuclear power, with a total of 58 centrals spread over 19 sites across the country.

Greenpeace's head of its anti-nuclear power campaign has already denied involvement. Their spokesman added that these events are very troubling, and also mentions they have learned about more "drone" activity above the French Center for nuclear research (CEA) close to Paris."

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Google News Sci Tech: In Amelia Earhart mystery, first fragment of plane identified, website reports -->

From feed by feedfeeder

National Post

In Amelia Earhart mystery, first fragment of plane identified, website reports
The Times-Picayune - NOLA.com
In this undated file photo, Amelia Earhart stands next to a Lockheed Electra 10E, before her last flight in 1937 from Oakland, Calif., bound for Honolulu on the first leg of her record-setting attempt to circumnavigate the world westward along the Equator.
Researcher With History of Disputed Earhart Discoveries Says He Definitely Has ... Slate Magazine (blog)
Amelia Earhart case isn't closed quite yetPhilly.com
Fragment of Amelia Earhart's Plane IdentifiedPeople Magazine
Christian Science Monitor-RT-CBC.ca
all 307 news articles

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Comment: drone pilot (Score 1) 79

by thygate (#48188267) Attached to: Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts
so since they have an accelerometer, gyro, compass (orientation), GPS (position), and now even barometer and temperature sensor (reasonably accurate altitude w/ high update rate), all they're missing is a few PWM outputs to directly fly a plane, helicopter, or multirotor as a full-blown auto pilot. I know it's peanuts to interface an MCU with an android phone over UART over USB, but i'm guessing it is also possible on iShizzle, be it over some proprietary interface as opposed to plain old TTL UART. Let's see how long it takes before the first iPhone "drone" kits arrive in the store.

+ - Celebrity nude pictures leaked due to apparent iCloud hack-> 1

Submitted by swinferno
swinferno (1212408) writes "Hundreds of nude, semi-nude, and revealing pictures of female celebrities were leaked overnight after being stolen from their private collections. Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and pop star Ariana Grande were among the celebrities apparently shown in the pictures, which were posted on infamous web forum 4chan.

It's unclear how the images were obtained, but anonymous 4chan users said that they were taken from celebrities' iCloud accounts. The accounts are designed to allow iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to synchronize images, settings, calendar information, and other data between devices, but the service has been criticized for being unreliable and confusing. Earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence herself complained about the service in an interview with MTV.

Several media contacted Apple for more information but they have not commented on this yet.


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