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+ - Celebrity nude pictures leaked due to apparent iCloud hack-> 1

Submitted by swinferno
swinferno (1212408) writes "Hundreds of nude, semi-nude, and revealing pictures of female celebrities were leaked overnight after being stolen from their private collections. Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and pop star Ariana Grande were among the celebrities apparently shown in the pictures, which were posted on infamous web forum 4chan.

It's unclear how the images were obtained, but anonymous 4chan users said that they were taken from celebrities' iCloud accounts. The accounts are designed to allow iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to synchronize images, settings, calendar information, and other data between devices, but the service has been criticized for being unreliable and confusing. Earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence herself complained about the service in an interview with MTV.

Several media contacted Apple for more information but they have not commented on this yet."

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Comment: nomal 30 years ago (Score 3, Informative) 120

by thygate (#47413319) Attached to: A Box of Forgotten Smallpox Vials Was Just Found In an FDA Closet
I just saw a report on the discovery of the Ebola Virus back in the late seventies. Back then the samples of a new unknown deadly disease from missionaries in Congo were put in card board boxes that were carried through Antwerp city (Belgium) on foot, taking them to the university for analysis under an electron microscope. The virus was isolated in a normal room back then and stored in a thermos. source: Prof. EM. Guido Van Der Groen (Virologist)

Comment: NASA Kickstarter (Score 1) 79

Since they do research for all mankind, but are mostly funded with American taxpayer dollars, they should start some kind of global donation program. I would love to chip in a bit for research like this. Maybe it will only bring in a few million dollars, which is peanuts compared to a billion dollars, but it could help the science cause anyway.

+ - Planes disappearing from radar in Europe !?->

Submitted by thygate
thygate (1590197) writes "Early this month, on several occasions, several planes disappeared from radar for several seconds to 25 minutes. Incidents have been reported in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany. Authorities report that at no time were there any problems with the planes and radio communication was available at all times during these radar blackouts.
Eurocontrol and the EASA have started an investigation, there is a global concern about safety since the MH370 disappearance.
There are speculations about NATO military exercises involving radio equipment tests, but the alliance has refused to comment. The Hungarian ministry of defense refuses this explanation, stating the technology used is not powerful enough to cause these blackouts.
According to an Australian newspaper it could of even been hackers, but it is unclear if this is even possible."

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Comment: Re:ISP Managing my LAN (Score 1) 474

The point is that as a non-business client you don't get an option, you have to use that specific telenet-branded box that contains a docsis modem and router which is only remotely manageable. And the public hotspot functionality gets mysteriously re-enabled every now and then. Even as a business-client i had to jump through hoops to get a modem without built-in router, managed by them. I don't care about actual cable-modem specific settings, those should be administered by the cable company, but I do care about the WAN/LAN/Wifi settings. The provider has absolutely no business managing my LAN. It also seems like a huge security risk to have this exact same device for all your customers.

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