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Comment Re:Fedora fork too (Score 1) 555

postfix.server from :

Description=Postfix Mail Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/postfix start
ExecStop=/usr/sbin/postfix stop

[Install] /etc/init.d/postfix :

266 lines, too long to print here, and just as ugly as sendmail.

So the postfix sysv init script is 113 lines LONGER while the .service file is 4 lines SHORTER than the sendmail example.

Comment Re:Not quite sure I get the argument. (Score 1) 354

> And if that's the case, why would Mojang EVER feel obligated to release their serve source code because a guy who literally stole it anyway is demanding they do so?

Because the bukkit project which released the decompiler/disassembled portions was owned by Mojang. And Mojang knew full well it was happening while they owned the project. So it was essentially Mojang who released it.

Comment Re:Still relevant nowadays? (Score 2) 58

My impression is that basically all Linux distributions install the open source drivers by default. And in my experience, installing the proprietary drivers is messy.

And most distributions uses 3D in the window manager by default.

So I imagine that many more Linux users use the open source drivers (which in turn use Mesa) than uses the proprietary drivers.

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