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Comment: Re:Compared to MS Office (Score 1) 287

by thrig (#4824290) Attached to: Sony To Package StarOffice On European PCs
Office is a non-portable security and support nightmare for me. Most of the time it works as you describe, but then every so often a user wanders in wondering why their document has corrupted itself, or is otherwise doing something weird or crashy (copy/paste export/import to clear the gremlins?). Just this week I've had "large Excel document crashes when you try and do so-and-so" and seen a "I've never seen this before, but the spelling checker says it is skipping some text as being labeled as uncheckable, help!" reports.

On the portability front, users find that documents created in one version of Office cannot be opened to being with on other platforms or, once the conversion hoops are figured out for that particular os/version pair for the users in question, why the same document looks slightly different (this mainly happens between Mac and Microsoft versions of Office).

Ahh, security. Macros, viruses, and a document format that can pull all local files and URLs into itself before being sent back. Lovely.

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