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Comment: One litre fuel, climb Mt Everest, roll long way (Score 1) 124

by thorpie (#30634116) Attached to: Ideas For Exploiting NASA's SRTM Data

I used the SRTM data extensively last year developing a program to identify set gradients for intelligent transport.

One liter of fuel passed through a small engine will provide enough energy to raise you to the height of Mount Everest.

From the top of Mt Everest a consistent 0.7% gradient will travel for over 1,000 km

Current technology, like an aero-dynamic coffin on rails, will roll down a 0.7% gradient at over 65 km/hr

That's 1,000 km/litre, or over 2,500 mpg, and the efficiency we need to be aiming for with our transport system

check it at http//www.megametrelitre.com

+ - Looking for brightly colored photographs->

Submitted by thorpie
thorpie (656838) writes "Take a color cube. Pull out an evenly spaced palette. Place on a screen canvas. Re-arrange pixels as required. Into say, the Mona Lisa, or into Irises. This is a pipapic. http://www.pipapic.org/
Looking for photographs suitable for pipapic conversion, they need to be roughly a twelfth each of blackish, whiteish, redish, greenish, blueish, cyanish, magentaish & yellowish, with the remaining 4/12 sort of grayish."

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+ - Copyright can cause death->

Submitted by
thorpie writes "ZDnet has reported, and articles in newspapers and Against Monopoly have commented on, the effects of copyright being held by the government under Australian law.

During the fires on 7th February, in which over 200 people died, the government's website that shows fire information, was unreachable.

Google wanted to provide alternate access to this information but were refused permission, supposedly due to copyright.

The pending royal commission (serious inquiry) into the fires will no doubt address whether this was in any way responsible for any of the lives lost, however it is not beyond the realms of reasonableness to suggest that lack of pertinent information would be a factor in some instances. With mobile communications friends outside the fire area with access to pertinent information would have passed it on to affected people even if their property's electricity and fixed line phone services had been disrupted.

Two observations — Can Pirate Bay use it in their court case — restricting access to critical information purportedly covered by copyright can cost lives.

And secondly, for the blood-sucking, carpetbagging RIAA lawyers and all of their f*****g clients, maybe they should approach the relevant Australian government and offer their services to sue anyone who saved themselves using information from non-approved sources. I am sure that if a recording is worth a few hundred thousand then their lives would be worth a couple of mil each!"

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