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Comment: Re:Not new, and not shocking. (Score 1) 242

by thogard (#47440275) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

You need about 700 meters of depth with the current off the shelf parts to make a RO well in the ocean. I think there is some technology that might let it work at 250 or so meters. You still have to pump the water up from that depth unless you can play games with building a saline density pump. Then there is the problem of changing a filter at depth.

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by thogard (#47184753) Attached to: Canada Poised To Buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 JSFs

If Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea got together, they could get the F-15 Silent Eagle built to the appropriate specs. It can be more stealthy than the F-35, it would be cheaper, faster, it is a proven air frame and it would meet the internal defense roles as well as the role of supporting allies. The F-15 Silent Eagle (or F15 Advanced as that might be its current name) is an more modern F-15E Strike Eagle air frame with modifications taken from the failed F-23 prototypes.

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When a hammer works, you don't get a new one just because there is a new one. Upgrades cost a fortune for most businesses and upgrades nearly always break some part of the business process. Most businesses have been burned by the upgrade process in the past and when they start putting a dollar figure on the upgrade vs the cost of not doing the upgrade, it is often cheaper to not do the upgrade.

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by thogard (#46378927) Attached to: ICANN Considers Using '' To Tackle DNS Namespace Collisions

Oddly enough, it wouldn't. You could use NAT hardware in front of old gear and everything will just keep working. Stuff that gets updated, could just use the new syntax and deal with things correctly. Stuff like core routers and switches wouldn't care. It would be fare less disruptive than trying to install ipv6.

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by thogard (#46355837) Attached to: ICANN Considers Using '' To Tackle DNS Namespace Collisions

Early ip resolver libraries would sometimes parse octal ip addresses with commas as in your example of /.'s ip address as 330,42,265,55. Many of those would also deal with a 0xd822b52d or sometimes without the 0x. Many systems will let you do something like "ifconfig en0 0xd822b52d/32 alias"

Some of the early proposals to expand the IPv4 address space was to allow use more of the bits from the ports source and destination addresses so you could do things like "ping" or "ifconfig en0 dstbits 4 srcbits 8"

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Microware OS-9 from 1979 used program and modules somewhat like DLL or shared libraries. The code to load a module would CRC check them when loaded and that bit of code could check a list and that list could either allow or deny any module. If you loaded the right data module, you had built in white listing about 3 and a half decades ago.

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There is one disadvantage of the different ARM modes and that is the an arbitrary program will contain all the needed bit patters to make some useful code. This means that any reasonable large program will have enough code to support hacking techniques like Return Oriented Programming if another bug can be exploited. I would love to see some control bits that turn off the other modes.

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