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Comment: Re:That does not add up (Score 1) 407 407

40% plus 55% of that 40% for next years is 62K. If it is calculated as 22% on the first $25k, then he owed 35,300 in just income tax (or 54,715 if including the 55% prepay assuming no credit). If it is his own company does he pay both the employee and employer part of social security for another 44%. If that isn't progressive, he is up to 79% with those two taxes but that doesn't include any deductions. Or maybe with deductions, that could be 28k income tax with ss deduction, 15k for next year, 16k+28k for ss for 87k or 59k if part of the ss came from the company.
I would guess that property taxes are also related to income either because of pensioner discounts or because people with more money tend to own more expensive houses which tend to be taxed higher.
Also how much of the left over money was spent on things that was taxed at 6% or 23% for the VAT? That would add somewhere between 2.5k and 10k. So 60k before any special taxes doesn't make the other 16% unlikely.

Comment: Re:Win95 UI + BSD/Linux OS on ZFS (Score 1) 451 451

The sort order was changed in 10.6.0. It was refixed in 10.8.something but sometimes the order of the or windows apps changes and the then being able to hit two keys and know what is going to happen goes out the window. I've found it frustrtating enough to downgrade versions of OS X.

Comment: Re:It's the end of the world as we know it! (Score 1) 298 298

The idea of using port bits was around in 1992. It migth have been where the / notion orignated as a way to say would take two bits off the port bits.

The interesting thing about this is that core routers and swtiches won't care at all and anything that is doing NAT can already do the translations needed. The problem is 1) the notation and 2) which bits get used. If more programs supported DNS SRV records, then this would be completely transparent.

Comment: What were they testing? (Score 2) 195 195

They asked the people to report a box showing up? That isn't normal when driving, therefor the test its self might be distracting.

HUD displays should only be used to display info that is normally checked anyway like the speedometer as well as things like the new IR cameras that can detect deer near the side of the road which will be invisible. Having displays pop up some virtual brake lights on a stopped or slowing down car is fine but it has to be done right. It took aviation decades to get the basics for instruments right. The stuff that looks cool on a HUD demo in an office isn't what will work best in cars on a dark foggy road.

Comment: There are too many lies in the ad business (Score 1) 194 194

The reason TV adverting was expensive was that slots were rare and there was far more demand for the good slots than there were slots. The ad guys did a great job showing the world they were good honest people who were helping their clients sell stuff. This is why the honest guy who would never do any wrong in Bewitched in the 60s was an ad man. The show was there to sell more advertising. The clean ad man image has changed in recent times to a image of a person who can manipulate anyone into buying a worthless product but that too helps sell more TV advertising.

The rarity of slots did matter in the early days of TV and as a result, several industries were changed. In the early days of live broadcast, only car dealers near the TV stations could go live but people were so impressed in the first months of those ads that they did work and and other dealers would buy larger lots near the stations and created a new type of car dealership. Those dealers grew rapidly, not so much because of the ads but because of the influx of new buyers as the two car family became the norm. The TV ads didn't tip the buyers, it tipped the dealers into buying more ads. Even today car advertising is a significant part of tv station income.

Remember that the customer of the advertising is not the final consumer who buys the product, it is the marketing department of a large corporation who pays for commercial tv and the advertising business has many ways to prove their ads work even when the sales figures show they might be running off customers.

Now the internet ads are over saturated, they aren't worth anything yet idiots keep paying lots of money for useless ads because they think they work. Even google is playing the old tv ad game with their analytics package which helps show businesses how well the ads are working. Too bad that details slip through like you pay for a specific key word and you find out that most people are trying to avoid results with that word but using google improperly so you pay $5 per click for people who will never buy your product.

Comment: A lot of effort to make sure bits aren't leaked (Score 2) 64 64

Why do so many systems still use the hashed root or admin password to seed tcp sequence numbers? Cisco, Sun, IBM and DEC all started doing it about the same time. So who suggested it to them and just how many groups know how what it takes to pull bits out of that hash?

Comment: Lots of people did (Score 2) 31 31

I was in a car about 5 years later that could keep in its lane along the US highway along the Appalachian Mountain Highway for nearly 100 miles to Washington DC. That car just happened to have a $300,000+ laser ring gyro and more electronics than the car cost but it did manage to keep the car in the lane all the way.

Comment: Re:Sometimes the obvious is the correct answer? (Score 1) 307 307

That calculator doesn't take into account the wonderful effects of the mylar layers along with the other insulation to prevent instant cooking when exposed to the sun. Both the compressor and Peltier systems transfer heat to a place where it can be properly radiated. I figure about a 2 deg rise per hour at norrmal rest energy consumption based on specific heat and rest (k)calories burned.

Comment: Sometimes the obvious is the correct answer? (Score 1) 307 307

The moon rocks go missing because they aren't well protected and are rarer than gold.

Many of the odd statements issued by NASA were just run of the mill anti-spying stories. For example the space suits from that time are "to keep astronauts warm in the cold of space". If you in a perfect vacuum and generating 170 Watts, you don't need heating. The real story is that the US used Peltier effect cooling and the Soviets used compressor based systems. Since the people who controlled what technology could be talked about thought the Russians were behind the US, they made up a story and stuck to it. The real reason for the difference is that the Russians could build reliable compressors that worked in space and the US had a lead in the Peltier technology even as both sides experimented with the other technology.

Comment: Re:Dependencies (Score 2) 119 119

The real tick is to manage things in a sane way when the system isn't working properly.

Take the case of a system living in a rack far away. When it boots it needs to 1) bring up part of the network, 2) bring up sshd as soon as possible and 3) bring up user/vm/container disks. Once the disks are verified to be sane enough to continue, it might want to bring up the rest of the networking and it might want to bring up an sshd with a different config. Of course if the disks are screwed up, the best thing might be to bring up part of the system or leave parts of it shutdown even if their normal dependancies are all met. Too bad most systems sit at a console prompt waiting for a human to tell them what to do with the broken disk.

Comment: Re:Sure (Score 1) 189 189

If you need security and your local LAN network topology doesn't make one of your firewalls look like a ethernet switch, you are not doing it right. The days of a 3 zone Trust, DMZ, Untrust firewall model are long gone.

For $5k I can buy a 34 port firewall. I've been using netscreen ^w Juniper SSG-140 with a bunch of 8 port ethernet cards with most things on their own zone. Too bad it looks like that line will soon be EOL and I haven't found anything to replace it at the right price point.

Comment: So how is that DRM in hardware working out? (Score 3, Insightful) 189 189

If they can't remove it, it is because they can't find it. They can't find it because it is living in the boot processor code or the firmware of io devices or both.

The best place to hide unremovable firmware is in the protected boot code of the boot processor that is only there to provide for security control for the DRM subsystem.

There have been talks each of the last few years at Breakpoint about how broken the boot firmware is. Maybe now people will start to take notice.

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