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Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

So what those people are probably saying amounts to: they are comfortable with what they have and don't want to learn something new...

...except that when Microsoft occasionally *forces* people to learn something new (e.g. when they released the ribbon UI for Office, or the crazy Metro UI for Windows), people swallow that pill anyway because they have to. What it really comes down to is that most people prefer living their lives in a catatonic/comatose state.

Comment Re:A couple points (Score 0) 235

First, the new parent company is just called "Alphabet" - not "Google Alphabet", as the summary claims.

Technically, "Alphabet, Inc."

Second, on the face of it this seems more like a rebranding than anything else. Nothing seems to be changing; they're just renaming "Google" to "Alphabet", and then repurposing the Google name to be used for one already-existing division within the renamed company.

You have that inverted: Google will remain named Google, but it will become just one of several companies under the Alphabet umbrella. It's a refactoring and a modularization.

Comment They're showing off (Score 1) 109

Tesla charge ports are always in the same position (at least for now, when there's basically one mainstream model). They don't need to solve such a complex controller problem (with this many degrees of freedom) to plug in the charger. They're just doing it because they can...

Comment Re:eeeeeexcellent (Score 3, Informative) 94

Um, I know that ECMAScript "IS" Javascript. Typescript is becoming much bigger than Microsoft itself. The only Microsoft products I have ever been interested in using before Typescript are their keyboards and mice. Typescript is, quite shockingly, actually really, really good, and Microsoft, even more shockingly, is suddenly becoming a really good citizen in the open source / Free software world, at least as far as some projects are concerned, and the stuff they're putting out there is really good. (See also: Visual Studio Code.)

Microsoft have also, quite suddenly and inexplicably, become extremely open about the development process of some of these newer open source projects, and they are working with, and responding to, other key players in the open source ecosystem. (Google adopted Typescript for Angular2, and Microsoft merged Angular's "AtScript" extensions into Typescript, and made Typescript a strict superset of ECMAScript 7, in order to satisfy Google's requirements, and to make Typescript a better player in the Javascript world. Microsoft was a key presenter at, and participant in, ng-conf 2015. etc. etc.

Comment Re:eeeeeexcellent (Score 2) 94

Haxe isn't very high-profile, but Typescript is an important language, if only for the fact that it is starting to drive the design of ECMAScript. Typescript has recently become a strict superset of ECMAScript functionality, and Typescript has become the new testing ground for features before they get incorporated into ECMAScript. (This may not always be true, because Typescript is developed by Microsoft, but it seems to be true at least for now. You know to sit up and start paying attention when Google decides to rebase one of their strategic platforms -- Angular -- on a Microsoft technology.)

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