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Comment Here's why nobody wants to work on Linux (Score 1) 182

He also explained that one of the problems now is actually finding people to maintain Linux.

Linus would have a much easier job finding great kernel maintainers if he was civil, objective, patient and kind on the mailing lists, rather than critical, cynical, foul-mouthed, insulting and belligerent.

Comment Re:So how is this different (Score 1) 101

Google Wallet still exists (for P2P payments), but it was split out from Android Pay so that Google could strike up these agreements with the payment networks. Without removing P2P payments, none of the big banks or credit card networks would make it easy for Google to do NFC payments, because they are all building P2P payment networks of their own.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

So what those people are probably saying amounts to: they are comfortable with what they have and don't want to learn something new...

...except that when Microsoft occasionally *forces* people to learn something new (e.g. when they released the ribbon UI for Office, or the crazy Metro UI for Windows), people swallow that pill anyway because they have to. What it really comes down to is that most people prefer living their lives in a catatonic/comatose state.

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