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Comment Re:No mathematical background? (Score 1) 145

You can get basic points in physics across without using math, but in general if you want to get to the interesting bits you have to be willing to write down some equations. For instance, I can tell you that gravity pulls things together, which is the basic idea, but if you want to know why planetary orbits are elliptical or what the escape velocity from earth is, then you have to do some calculus. In quantum mechanics, the math involved gets deep rather quickly.

Comment Re:trying to imagine... (Score 5, Insightful) 833

The problem is that the degree to which anyone is deterred will be determined by how concerned they are about their online image. People with careers and families will be even more cautious, and probably less like to contribute to a discussion. 13-y.o. dickheads will go right on being dickheads, because they have nothing to lose and it will be several years before they are in any position to worry about an online reputation. So, people who are most likely to say something worthwhile are the most likely to be silenced by lack of anonymity.

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