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Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: My Experiences Switching to Mac

I've been a PC user since the age of 10 I think when my parents bought gave me my first computer. Before that, I never used a computer. Over the years using Windows 95 through Windows XP and Arch Linux, I've steadily been getting sick of Windows due to numerous reasons, so I switched to Linux, but I think after several months of full-time desktop usage, that's is not quite ready for the desktop. I thought people using Macs were all trendy, spoiled people.

Over the last months when I started getting into reading blogs, and getting positive comments from friends using Macs, I noticed that everybody who uses a Mac, talk about their Mac as if it were their child. I thought these people were nuts, but it sparked curiousity.

I played with Mac OS X in the Apple Centre, and it was love at first click. The interface was simple yet it was functional, it comes loaded with several useful applications that PC users could only dream of, (such as Dashboard, one of Tiger's new features) and it is definitely more secure (based on UNIX), wow, what a concept.

Now, I've ordered my first Mac ever. A 17" Apple iMac 1.8Ghz, the low-end model. Can't wait until it arrives... I'll use my current Linux pc as a server as soon as my iMac arrives.

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