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Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 647

by thieh (#48486549) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd
I wonder why the init system choices can't be configured to be more like Desktop Environments -- from the install media you choose which DE you want from a boot parameter and done. That way, even then default is systemd or gnome, people can still go on with their lives in a simple and easy manner.

+ - What should I tell non-tech firms regarding their security problems? 3

Submitted by thieh
thieh (3654731) writes "In the process of my job search I have come across recruiters and agencies that require me to sign up on their website. After I sign up with one of those websites they end up sending me back the password that I chose in plaintext in the confirmation email. Believing that to be a security problem (My assumption was that only generated passwords are to be mailed in the open unencrypted, and that the website has no plans to introduce two-factor authentication), I immediately delete the account and change all my passwords because chances are the passwrod setting habit may have been exposed. The question now is that since I don't have formal IT/sysadmin training, how to I tell these people that such a system is problematic and should be addressed? How would the situation be different if you can sign up tings that cost money (like resume critique or interview practice) using that account?"

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