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Comment: Re:The functional principal of a working Anarchy (Score 2) 408

by thex23 (#2817402) Attached to: Cooperation Works if Majority Can Punish Freeloaders
We have had Anarchy. The Spanish Civil war had a brief period where a balanced, respectful, and self-sustaining Anarchy existed for a short time. Then the Communists destroyed it, by working with the rich land owners to assume authority in the name of the people. The authorities, both Left and Right, colluded to destroy the freedom that "the masses" (in this case a few towns) had fought and died for.

And you know what? I'm pretty sure you WILL see anarchies develop in this century, because it is more efficient in the long term when decisions aren't made to suit the interests of the elite. You may not see it within a nation-state, but you may see it in new forms of sovereignity, possibly even virtual. There is no reason a strongly anarchic corporation couldn't exist. In some ways, companies are already experimenting with structures that resemble terrorist cells.

And I stand by my view of Jesus as an Anarchist. Obviously, the term didn't exist then, so really he wasn't. But he was subversive. He taught people to question authority, to seek their connection to the divine outside of the shallow formalism of the Temple. He advised people to render unto Caesar (don't act bad), but retain their integrity of character (thoughtCrime!).

He was part of a larger radical tide, but he stood alone, allied to no power but himself and his God. He suffered an agonizing death instead of making the easy decision to sell out. Any Anarchist would see this their romantic ideal.

Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.