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Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 554

Hee hee hee... I've noticed this phenomenon myself. An idea occurs to me that I may start doing:

1. Put "hybrid" or similar sticker on car
2. Purchase standard orange extension cord
3. Park in green spot
3. Plug one end in charger, stick other end under hood / up through bottom of car, whatever

Free close parking!

Bonus if you carry rechargeable gadgets with you (laptop, etc) that you hook up to charge off the free juice.

Submission + - All of Feynman online! For free! (

thermowax writes: Rejoice, physics geeks and well-read and well-entertained people! "The Feynman Lectures on Physics have been made available as part of a collaboration between Caltech and The Feynman Lectures Website, and io9 reports they have been designed to be viewed, equations and all, on any device." If there's anyone out there who hasn't already heard of Richard Feynman, he's one of the best physics lecturers ever to stand behind a podium. On a more modern note, it's further illustration that the basics of the core sciences hasn't changed (tired of buying new textbook editions, anyone?) and hopefully another example of how online learning will relieve traditional universities of their stranglehold on degree programs.

Submission + - Yet another kid's homebrew electronic gadget gets him arrested (

thermowax writes: ‘They thought it was a bomb': Ahmed Mohamed, Texas 9th grader, arrested after bringing a home-built clock to school he had whipped up to show his teachers what he could do. It's bad enough that our legal system is too stupid to understand things like this, but it sounds like they violated his Constitutional rights pretty severely. Furthermore, I doubt that they'll ever admit that they were wrong and delete the incident. And apologize? Hah.

Comment A complete mess (Score 1) 676

Others have stated similarly, but as someone who has been responsible for classifying material, *you* are responsible for classifying it appropriately- and you always err on the side of caution. You have to classify each paragraph, and if necessary, each sentence. This is a big deal. And , as someone else mentioned, this does taint the entire server. Google "classified spill" for lovely details.

Comment The individual consumer?! (Score 1) 46

Well, security controls sure as fuck should be placed in the hands of the individual consumer- because our esteemed Government has shown themselves to be woefully incompetent at protecting our data. My SF-86 is now floating around out there somewhere.

The idiocy of the average individual is at least roughly the same as our government. I've had it with these clowns.

Comment Re:Black employees. Hmm. (Score 4, Interesting) 256

If there's some Great White Conspiracy to keep the black man down, neither I nor anyone I know are part of it. Indeed, all my cohorts (including the black ones) say the same thing- something along the lines of, "Shut up, raise your kids well, buy your beer, and don't annoy your neighbors". I don't know what's so groundbreaking about that.

I also notice that you've focussed on my second point, while ignoring the first. Care to comment? I have intimate experience, as well as reading about it all over the place- it's not a melanin thing. Black people come to the US from all over the world and do well. It's US black culture that is to blame.

Furthermore, you whipped out the "racist" card, so here we go: shut up and behave. This may take a while to result in change... but isn't this what everyone should be doing anyway?

Comment Black employees. Hmm. (Score 4, Informative) 256

Look: I graduated from high school in 1985- far before the intarwebs were cool. I was a geek because I *wanted* to be, societal pressures notwithstanding.

I was bullied on a daily basis. The source of the majority of this bullying was blacks. An Asian friend of mine, years later- in college- mused about his similar experience.

I guess this can go two ways:
1. Black culture can finally start to view academic accomplishment as "cool".
2. Black culture can realize that the smart kids are in charge, and they'd better adapt or learn to enjoy life in the hip-hop ghetto they've made.

Sorry. Not my monkeys, not my circus, not my problem.

Comment Re:Most other boards miss the point (Score 1) 32

A thousand times this. My boss (don't get me started) was denigrating my excitement about the B+ because it was still too slow or some nonsense. They're not compute engines, you idiot. They're cheap and fully capable (albeit a little pokey) unix machines.

We're on the same wavelength- I generally use Pis for things that need just a little more capability than Arduino. Primarily a real multiprocessing OS, and often scripting-type capabilities, rather than fighting with timer interrupts or hacking code into Arduino IDE quasi-C. (It's fine, just not that versatile).

Plus, I can do development on any unix box- that is, at work. :) And yeah, I got a Galileo at MicroCenter and returned it. Not worth the effort, not to mention the price.

    **And, as you correctly point out, it's cheap enough that I don't care if I blow it up.**

Comment Never underestimate the power of the secretaries. (Score 1) 583

...or "administrative assistants" or whatever they're called. Be on the best terms you can with them. They know everything that happens in the office, and they can make your shit happen quickly or make your life miserable.

Corollary: Always be on good terms with the supply sergeant.

Lots of good stuff in this thread, but in particular:
1. Max the 401(k) immediately and put it in index funds.
2. Humility. There will always be someone smarter than you- listen until you can ascertain.
3. Don't be a doormat, but be helpful and friendly and free with info until someone screws you. A lot of people hoard information thinking that it gives them job security- it doesn't, really. What if they got hit by a bus? You're *much* more valuable as a team player that helps things run more smoothly.

Comment Re:You think 7 vaccines is a lot? (Score 3) 341

You are aware, are you not, that mothers pass antibodies to the fetus during the last trimester because they share, oh, I don't know, BLOOD?! There's even a name for it: 'passive immunity". Antibodies are also heavily transferred during the first couple of weeks' breast milk.

Their effect tapers off after a couple of months, which is why vaccines are necessary. (Or if the mother hasn't had a disease or its vaccine).

Comment Re:Yep. (Score 1) 294

Snort. It's not always that way. Maybe in any Silicon Valley workplace loaded with semi-adolescent/self-absorbed/hipster geeks and PHBs (I've been there)- but there is actually a subset of the geek population that is quiet, thoughtful, polite, reasonably socially adept, extremely smart, and devoted to the mission over their own personal gain. For optimal results, add good management that recognizes the value of an employee that is a team player and not a prima donna that needs to be "tamed".

It's about being professional.

Comment Yep. (Score 5, Interesting) 294

The comments below that article are interesting, and they- as well as the article- mirror my experience exactly.

I used to work for a domestic (US) majority (65%+) Indian company. Not small, at least 5,000 people. The CEO and CFO were Indian, and the rest followed. Not knowing their H1-B figures, I distinctly got the impression they were using the place for an immigration/sponsorship factory for their friends, extended family, caste, whatever. Management? Virtually 100% Indian. Layoffs? Huh, no Indians in that round, either. It was pretty obvious how non-Indians were treated like crap, but no one was in a law-suitin' mood because this was just after the dot-bomb crash and tech jobs weren't falling off the trees anymore. I realize everyone is an individual, blah, blah, but it seems endemic to native Indian culture that if you're not Indian you ain't shit.

I'm probably going to get yelled at for saying this, but the thing that pissed me off the most- another cultural thing- is that they weren't interested in working together (amongst themselves or with non-Indians) to find the best solution to a problem. Technical discussions always degenerated into dick waving arguments. They were more interested in getting *their* solution jammed through for a personal victory than the greater good. It was disgusting.

Comment Jesus, we're fucked. (Score 5, Insightful) 351

This showed up in The Washington Post a week ago... and I'm still aghast.

Slashdot has classified this as a "humour" story, but I find it simply frightening. There's always going to be a certain quantity of dullards on the left end of the curve, but... 80%?! 80% of Americans are unfamiliar with one of, if not *the* most fundamental concepts of biology? This isn't "Dihydrogen Monoxide" trickery, DNA is DNA and it's functionality is taught in high school- usually repeatedly.

However, the thing that really, really scares me and keeps me awake at night is that *these fuckers vote*.

"Summit meetings tend to be like panda matings. The expectations are always high, and the results usually disappointing." -- Robert Orben