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Comment: Re:They had a one-time-use number program years ag (Score 1) 130

by therealkevinkretz (#48317343) Attached to: American Express Seeks To Swap Card Numbers For Secure Tokens

I didn't know BoA had a comparable feature. My past experiences with BoA haven't been good, and literally everything else (other than canceling Private Payments) I've experienced with AmEx has been good - including their removing without question charges I wasn't responsible for the handful of times it's happened.

Comment: Why is this limited to "for-profit" schools? (Score 1) 331

It appears that "non-profit" schools as well have responded to the increased loan $ available over the past couple of decades by raising tuition to absorb all of it - which is a big part of why graduates are in so much debt.

Any school accepting governent-tied money should have to pass this test.

Comment: Re:travel restrictions != aid delivery restriction (Score 1) 294

Who said they (those particular "experts"). should be ignored? I will say that their words shouldn't be blindly accepted without question.

Other experts don't agree. Our own military has a policy of 21-day quarantine for troops returning from Ebola-stricken regions. Other African countries have imposed travel restrictions that have helped stop its spread within their borders.

And I did RTFA. Limiting travel doesn't have to mean their interpretation of it (forbidding flights from/to certain places). For starters, I'd restrict visas for non-US naionals from those places, regardless of where their particular flight originated. I'd restrict non-essential travel to those places (medical aid workers would count as essential).

Finally, asking people who have been in close contact with Ebola patients to quarantine if at all symptomatic isn't unreasonable.

Comment: Re:What Does Systemd Mean to Me? (Score 5, Interesting) 928

by therealkevinkretz (#48278613) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

We've had problems a few times with systemd (usually the next boot after an upgrade to a package). Without exception, the failed boot occured with next-to-no meaningful error on the console and was more difficult to debug than if it had been using sysvinit. I personally, as a sysadmin for ~16 years, don't see a problem with sysvinit that justifies tearing it out of Linux for a more complicated, more opaque replacement.

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