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Comment: Does not make sense (Score 4, Insightful) 519

by tempestdata (#46423587) Attached to: Massachusetts Court Says 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

Obviously, I imagine an upskirt picture does not reveal any more than what you would see at a beach in any western country. I think the issue is that, a person being made to reveal more of herself than she is consenting to, to a person she does not know, and usually without her knowledge. It would be the equivalent of someone being forced to take off her skirt in public without her consent.

Also, what if the woman is not wearing any underwear? It is her business if she is, or is not, and by wearing a skirt she has a reasonable right to privacy in that matter.

Comment: Wait and find a better opportunity (Score 5, Informative) 263

by tempestdata (#46336509) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?

Most decent programmers will find themselves in your position at some point in their careers. I did too. I know nothing of your financial situation and commitments (mortgage/family/etc.) but don't take a pay cut if you can at all help it. The fact that you feel any uneasiness would seal the deal.

I would readily agree to a pay cut in only the following situations :

1) Need a job desperately and gotta make rent. Hopefully this situation never arises
2) Major promotion or opportunity in a company I strongly strong believe in. The idea being that I will work my ass off for peanuts, but believe in my heart that I will come away with a huge sum of money at the end, or the ability to make a huge sum of money.
3) I am going to work for or with someone who is absolutely exceptional and is going to be teaching me something I couldn't already learn on my own.

It does not sound like you are getting any of those three. If you are bored, keep looking for a better or different job. In the meantime, If you want to scratch your intellectual itch, do it on the weekends.

You have my 2 cents worth.

Comment: Re:Darwin (Score 0) 923

by tempestdata (#45610135) Attached to: Thieves Who Stole Cobalt-60 Will Soon Be Dead

I am sick and tired of this racism against Mexican and latin american people. I do not find your racist joke funny. It is also perpetuating a completely inaccurate stereotype. Google "Mexican fertility rate" and educate yourself.

US Fertility Rate = 1.89 Births per woman
Mexican Fertility Rate = 2.28 Births per woman

US Life expectancy = 78.64 years
Mexican Life expectancy = 76.89 years

I am not Mexican or latin american. Mexico, and most of latin america, have a LOT of social, cultural and economic issues. But give them some respect, they aren't backward savages like most american's seem to believe.

Comment: Amazon Does try its best (Score 2) 240

by tempestdata (#34504576) Attached to: Amazon Fake Products and Fake Reviews

This is an issue that you can see Amazon and users taking seriously. If you notice Amazon allows you to meta moderate reviews, as well as comment on reviews. I have spotted a lot of fake reviews by reading comments on reviews, and I make it a point to comment on fake reviews as well providing my rationale for why I think it is a fake review. Just like on slashdot, community moderation is key here.

Amazon also provides an additional level of verification with the "Amazon verified purchase" where by Amazon lets you know that this reviewer at the very least did purchase this product from Amazon.

In the end reviews are like asking for advice. Often you get bad advice, often you get advice from people with hidden motives, and often you get good advice. Amazon's review system is just a representation of real life. Go anywhere on the web, or go call up some real estate agents/mortgage brokers and ask them "When is a good time to buy a house?" and the answer will almost invariably be "If you can afford it, _now_ is a good time to buy a house". They have a hidden agenda they want to push.

I am not singling out real estate agents though. They are doing their job. Dealing with people is dealing with hidden agendas. :)

Comment: Re:Common sense (Score 1) 438

by tempestdata (#33704128) Attached to: You Are Not Mark Zuckerberg, So Stay In School

Agreed Completely.

My boss doesn't have a college degree and he is a good deal sharper than I am (I have a Masters in Comp Sci.) When I look at a resume, or interview a candidate, I look at the education portion the same way I look at the hobbies section if the applicant has included it. Nice to know, but not important one way or the other.

In fact, If a person spent 4 years of his/her life making some solid contributions to open souce projects (perhps became a core committer to some of them). I would actually be more likely to hire him/her than someone who had finished a 4 year college degree. Provided everything else was equal.


Obama's "ZuneGate" 608

Posted by kdawson
from the et-tu-barack dept.
theodp writes "Barack Obama supporters were left shaking their heads after a report surfaced that the president-elect was using a Zune at the gym instead of an iPod. So why would Mac-user Obama be Zune-ing out? Could be one of those special-edition preloaded Zunes that Microsoft bestowed on Democratic National Convention attendees, suggests TechFlash, nixing the idea that the soon-to-be Leader of the Free World would waste time loading Parallels or Boot Camp in OS X just to use a Zune."

Comment: Re:just to preempt all of the obvious comments (Score 1) 857

by tempestdata (#25752131) Attached to: Woman Admits Sending $400K To Nigerian Scammer

I dont think anyone is BLAMING the stupid woman who gave away $400K to a liar (or group of liars).

They are doing exactly what you did in your post "the person who left them there like that is, yes, pretty stupid."

The reason scams such as the nigerian 419 one work, is that intelligence like everything else is distributed over a curve of some sort. By definition, approx. half the people you see everyday are of below average intelligence. Scams such as these target people who sit in the below the bottom 1% on the intelligence curve. Which explains their mode of operation, "if you blast this scam to enough people, eventually you'll find someone who'll bite". In other words, "if you look hard enough, eventually you'll find someone stupid enough".


Which Phone To Develop For? 344

Posted by kdawson
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Rob MacKenzie writes "I have to decide on a mobile phone to develop for. We're building a house with some automation built in, and we want the mobile phone to be able to control certain aspects of it, and retrieve information on what's going on in the house. Our choices are the usual suspects: Apple's IPhone, RIM's Blackberry, Nokia's line (Symbian), any Android phone we can get in Canada, J2ME generic app, or a Web-based UI we would interact with in the phone's browser. What would you choose if you had to go with one? Which exact model? We will be buying a few to develop for, so price is a bit of an issue."

Every Email In UK To Be Monitored 785

Posted by samzenpus
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ericcantona writes "The Communications Data Bill (2008) will lead to the creation of a single, centralized database containing records of all e-mails sent, websites visited and mobile phones used by UK citizens. In a carnivore-on-steroids programme, as all vestiges of communication privacy are stripped away, The BBC reports that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says this is a 'necessity.'"

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.