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Comment: Thanks, but no thanks Motorola (Score 1) 187

by themonkman (#35273400) Attached to: Motorola Xoom Won't Have Flash Support At Launch
Well there goes my purchase. I no longer believe manufacturers when they make promises on future capabilities of their hardware or software. Granted, it's probably Adobe that is causing the delay with the new Tegra platforms, but I've been burned too many times by promises of updates. While I wait for the Xoom to get flash I'll sit happy with my little T-Mobile G2 which runs Flash 10.1 like a champ.

Comment: Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 825

by themonkman (#33515458) Attached to: Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Sell Speeding Passes for $25
If I can now speed with permission, how about make it so I can pay $50 and be able to drive after drinking two beers, which I am still more than capable to drive after. The whole idea is beyond stupid. It just adds to the thought that if you have the money, you can be above the law.

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