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Comment: Re:Look at who they appoint to the SCOTUS. (Score 1) 1576

by theid0 (#41905845) Attached to: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency
I've been to dozens of major cities around the world. The USA doesn't rank well for crime, with so many weapons on the street. And the TSA guys in Minneapolis are far more extreme than anyone at Manchester.

But I haven't been to Baltimore. Perhaps you travel at night for safety?

Comment: Apple and Google (Score 1) 112

by theid0 (#16802480) Attached to: Tech Companies and Politicians: Who Pays Who?
This entire article can be thrown out the window. It ignores the Apple and Google political spending, which would be more than enough to tip the total toward the Democrats. It would be great if they could cite their sources properly - I've never felt like anything on Ars was reliable, much less balanced.

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