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Comment: why not? (Score 1) 488

"Projects like OpenHatch will even help you match your skill set to a project in need. So what's holding you back? Time? Lack of interest? Difficulty getting started?"

Not knowing about OpenHatch until just now may be a part of it.

As an artist, I've contributed a fair amount of material to the creative commons ecosystem, and I've posted some tutorials for open source projects that have a small user base, but other than that, I have no way of knowing what skills of mine could be useful to anyone working on a project, or what holes they need filled.

Comment: Re:We don't do flash (Score 1) 53

by theheadlessrabbit (#46699033) Attached to: A Conversation with Ubuntu's Jono Bacon (Video)

As soon as the open source world produces something better than h.264, I'm sure everyone will rush to adopt it.

Lots of people just want a tool that works, not a tool that functions better as an ideological statement than as a media player.

I click the link, video looks decent enough, loads fast enough.

Comment: interesting timing (Score 1) 193

by theheadlessrabbit (#44667707) Attached to: Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development

I purchased my first ebook reader just 8 days ago, (Sony PRS-T1 for $50) and installed calibre (0.9.18 is the version currently in the ubuntu repository) this morning, and I am very impressed with this piece of software, but a little intimidated by the interface, so I will look forward to testing out this new version.

Comment: Re:Oh, come on... (Score 2) 104

by theheadlessrabbit (#44666095) Attached to: Van Gogh Prints In 3D: Almost the Real Thing For $34,000

The original reason for limited-edition prints wasn't driven by marketing. The stone or wood block would physically degrade with each print, and after a certain number of runs, the drop in quality was clearly visible (why earlier editions tend to be worth more)

With digital reproduction, this just isn't a factor any more, and limiting the production run is pure marketing; creating an artificial scarcity to inflate the price.

Most of this announcement is just empty art jargon; the elite paying lip service to their vision of the unwashed masses, framing things so the academics won't slam them too harshly, while still walking away with bags of money.

Comment: useless article (Score -1) 198

by theheadlessrabbit (#44626373) Attached to: New Radioactive Water Leak At Fukushima: 300 Tons and Growing

"A puddle of the contaminated water was emitting 100 millisieverts an hour of radiation"
Wow! that's slightly more radiation than you'd get from a flight over the ocean! Let's all freak out!

"In addition up to 300 tonnes a day of contaminated water is leaking from reactors buildings into the sea" contaminated is this water? the same as the puddles? More? Less? What is it contaminated by?

Comment: Wiring (Score 1) 228

by theheadlessrabbit (#42722349) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Electronics Prototyping Platform?

The Wiring platform (from which Arduino is a fork of) is a great option for getting started.

Code wise, It's about 99% the same as Arduino, so all the libraries and code you can find out there is usable, (you just have to tweak the pin numbers)
You can program Arduino boards, wiring boards, AND Atmel chips with the wiring software.
The Wiring S board is slightly cheaper.

And, best of all, the help system is just a lot of commented out descriptions above the code - and it links to a schematic so you know EXACTLY what to build to make the code in the example work.

Comment: Re:Trouble with that... (Score 1) 1387

As more countries adopt English as a second language, they are adopting not our convoluted ambiguous mess of a language, but a simplified, neater version of the language that is more suited for clearly expressing technical instructions - eg. close (not open) vs. close (adjacent too)

Unlike languages like French or Korean which have centralized linguistics planning authorities to determine what is and is not correct, English is more of an "anything goes" system where lexiconographers look at what words we use and how we use them, *then* put them in the dictionary.
When 1 billion Chinese, 1 Billion Indians and 1 Billion Africans all start using a standardized "Simple English" over the 350 million of us who speak what we think of as "real English", (and the 70-odd million who speak that odd variant of the language over in Britain) one side will have to make a change, and numbers aren't on our side.

Comment: Re:Never underestimate familiarity (Score 4, Funny) 1387

Could you pick up some robertson screwdrivers as well? Last time I shipped a crate to the US, they used crowbars to open it up.

Whenever I ship something big to the US, I make a point to attach a note to the outside of the crate warning them about the Robertson screws, and informing them that for their convenience, I have included a pack of Robertson bits inside the crate.

Comment: Re:Never underestimate familiarity (Score 4, Interesting) 1387

It isn't just a simple matter of teaching metric either. All these industries and their supporting industries must switch or provide parallel measures (of course, the old timers will stick to imperial in that case, since it's there too). That's very, very, very expensive both in material and time.

That sounds like something that will require a lot of work, and will require hiring a lot of people to do that work.
If only there was an unemployment problem in America...

Comment: modding video games (Score 3, Funny) 246

Is there a video game he is particularly fond of?

Games that are easy to hack and mod are a great start - they are tweaking something they already love. I wasted many hours of my elementary school days tweaking the rules.ini file to make command and conquer's AI a more capable opponent. That lead to scripting one player levels in an attempt to make my own campaign. That lead to...nothing at all....but it might be a start.

The tools available today seem a lot more complex, but also a lot more open than they were when I was young.

Good luck.

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