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Comment It's the ponies (Score 1) 169

I'm a "brony" (male in his 30's). I was already a huge animation fan to begin with, but I'm extremely picky. Very few "cartoons" are worth talking about, but the new version of My Little Pony is.. hard to describe in a short space. Let's just say that I consider the 2nd best American cartoon of all time. And it's only in season 1.

Submission + - Easy way to search Twitter history of a user?

thegeekprofessor writes: I'm trying to show a friend how stuff he posted lives forever online, but I can't find a good way to search Twitter archives. I know the Library of Congress has it, but they haven't put it online as far as I can see. I've tried Google too, but it only shows some tweets. With some cache searches, I managed to find a picture of the user's twitter page showing many tweets, but of course I can't hit the back button to see previous stuff since he's deleted his twitter account.

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