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Comment: Ditto (Score 5, Interesting) 100

by thedrx (#27811923) Attached to: Speaking With the Devs Behind a 7-Year Game Mod Project
Also, I don't know if you ever go back and read what you wrote 6-7 years ago, but in my experience that's a great way to embarrass yourself â" I spent a lot of time rewriting old dialogue to be less embarrassing

This is very true for me. Whenever I come back to very old code, writings, forum/newsgroup posts, emails or the like, I always can't help but feel bad. Sometimes I'll happen upon a piece of code, think to myself 'what was this idiot thinking' and then discovering it's my own code :P

It's good I guess, means I'm changing over time (here's hoping it's change for the better).

Comment: Re:And...? (Score 1) 21

by thedrx (#27517847) Attached to: Dead Birds Do Tell Tales
Archival of animal tissue could be useful. As an example, a few years ago, some researchers have attempted to clone the extinct Tasmanian Tiger, but the attempt failed due to the DNA samples being too degraded. Had they been better stored, they wouldn't have degraded so much. The animals that we can see today might be extinct tomorrow, hence the importance of archival.

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