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Comment: Re:but (Score 1) 121

by thedarkchaos (#34650858) Attached to: New Tech Promises Cheap Gene Sequencing In Minutes

There are a number of experiments which explore both nanopore scaling and eletrode interference. The majority of them are under grants at http://projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter.cfm. These and other future projects are summarized in plain text at Dna Sequencing

Navigating that query form at nih is impossible!

Comment: Re:Personal experiences with the social side of MM (Score 1) 75

by thedarkchaos (#34341902) Attached to: The Ethics of Social Games

It's probably worth thinking about your ability to stop playing before you get too heavily into an MMO.

I agree. Luckily I have this coupon code that you can use. Just try it for a few minutes! I will take care of your laundry and garbage for the next few days while you get acclimated to the game environment.

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