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Comment You're opening the door to your competitors... (Score 5, Insightful) 294

Taking away popular movie titles is only going to give your competitors an in. I didn't have to go see films at the theatre if I didn't want. It would end up on Netflix. I didn't need Comcast, it would end up Netflix.

Simply put, if things stop coming to Netflix, so will the viewers. We aren't locked in to 2 year contracts, so we can come and go as we please. Maybe, Netflix, you should continue to court us.

Comment Are drones really THAT dangerous? (Score 2, Insightful) 368

I'm sure helicopters have to deal with birds sometimes. These drones don't appear to be that durable or heavy, are you telling me that the propeller blades can't handle these little things without causing a disaster?

I am not a drone owner or user... but I just can't believe these things are that hazardous to an aircraft the size of a helicopter. Am I very very wrong here?

Comment Nice trains, or no. (Score 1) 654

If the ride is in a well maintained and decent looking (and smelling) train, that delivers me to within a 20 minute walk of where I need to go, sure. But smelly buses, filled with smelly sick people, that make me wait in the cold and wet to transfer from place to place? No. Not when I can ride in comfort in my car, listening to my audio book, or my music... with the temperature set at what I prefer and air that doesn't stink of body odor, piss, vomit, or yes, as my wife has witnessed, even feces. Plus those buses can't even do the speed limit on the freeway, yet they are allowed to block the HOV lane at 35-40 MPH, when no one is holding them back.

I loved it when I had a train to my work. Nice trains or no deal.

Comment He knew there was an investigation. (Score 2) 308

He already spoke to the police, then cleared his browser later. That means he knew there was some form of investigation already underway at the time he deleted the browser history.

Unfortunately, I think that means intent doesn't matter now, except when it comes to sentencing. It was evidence, by not preserving it once he knew there was an investigation, he fell into the trap. He may have been ignorant of the trap, but he stepped in it.

That sucks. But I don't see a way around them getting him for that.

Comment Simple, stop the IM, Email, and walk-up spam. (Score 1, Interesting) 147

Oh don't know, but if I could, you know, work through a ticket to completion without interruption, that would be great!

* Boss promotes too many tickets at once to the same priority. Meaning you work 3,4,5 or more tasks at the same time with similar time tables.
* People with tickets given a lower priority IM you again and again, and you keep telling them they are a priority 2 or 3... And until all the p0 and p1's are gone, you'll never even get a chance to look at it. Take it up with the boss if you want a higher priority.
* Dev and QA email threads you don't need to be on (yet, maybe) spamming your inbox. But you need to check if they actually are asking you something now, so you stop to read it.
* Walk ups. - Same as IM.

Let people focus on a task and get it done. If they get blocked, let them tell you they are blocked, and they can move onto another task until the first one becomes unblocked. It really can be that simple, if people will let it.

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