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Comment: Simple, stop the IM, Email, and walk-up spam. (Score 1, Interesting) 147

by thedarb (#49648951) Attached to: Technology and Ever-Falling Attention Spans

Oh don't know, but if I could, you know, work through a ticket to completion without interruption, that would be great!

* Boss promotes too many tickets at once to the same priority. Meaning you work 3,4,5 or more tasks at the same time with similar time tables.
* People with tickets given a lower priority IM you again and again, and you keep telling them they are a priority 2 or 3... And until all the p0 and p1's are gone, you'll never even get a chance to look at it. Take it up with the boss if you want a higher priority.
* Dev and QA email threads you don't need to be on (yet, maybe) spamming your inbox. But you need to check if they actually are asking you something now, so you stop to read it.
* Walk ups. - Same as IM.

Let people focus on a task and get it done. If they get blocked, let them tell you they are blocked, and they can move onto another task until the first one becomes unblocked. It really can be that simple, if people will let it.

+ - Leggo store detains 11-year old boy for shopping alone

Submitted by darkonc
darkonc writes: An 11 year old goes into a Leggo store in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) with $200 in hard earned cash ... and doesn't come out. When his father comes to the store to meet him for lunch, he finds his son 'detained' by the store manager and a security guard — for shopping alone. Apparently, Leggo stores have a policy of apprehending young children who shop without their parents.

Comment: Let 3 by, then forget it. (Score 0) 290

by thedarb (#49107671) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette

After I've had to move for 3 people, I'm done. I am not their doormat. After letting the third person by in a walk, I switch to 'you will respect me' mode, and I will mow you down. Nope, I'm not 6' +. Just 5' 10". But I feel like a wall. And yes, I am READY to punch your lights out if you try to go violent on me. The worst ones are the ones who look right at you and still just move as a wall of 4 or 5 people. Fine, elbows out, fists ready, and I'm busting through.

I give 3, then I demand the same in return.

Comment: I hate it. (Score 2) 420

by thedarb (#48702093) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

If I can't get the guy on my left to shut up, the guy on right won't shut up. The guy on my left pretends he's the boss, and must interrupt our work ever 10 minutes to ask a question, or he doesn't feel important. And he is NOT the boss. The guy on the left wants to talk about guns and ham radio.

I.. am... trying... to code / read a manual / deploy / or even, god forbid, eat lunch at my desk. Can you all PLEASE shut up? That's before all the walk-ups asking for help. File a ticket, stay in your seat, if I need to talk to you, I will come to you.

Oh, and there is a meeting room right on the left that people love to stand outside of and have a pre-meeting before their meeting...

And if you do manage to get to a tucked away quiet hidden corner, they bombard you with instant messages that the company makes you run.

Everyone... Shut. The. Hell. Up! Let me work on the things officially in my ticket queue!!!

Comment: I don't WANT to be 'more productive'. (Score 1) 688

by thedarb (#48617929) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

"...or they could enable drivers to be more productive during the time they used to spend driving, which could earn them more money."

If I don't have to drive myself, I'm sure as hell not giving that extra time to my employer. It's my time. Now that I don't have to drive, I'm going to read!

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