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Comment: Re:"repeatable independently verifiable reproducti (Score 1) 350

by thebes (#48173559) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

A patent only matters if those who you are trying to protect against are under (or cave or submit) to the jurisdiction of the region in which the patent is held. Unless you file a patent in every single industrialized nation for something as significant as this, and the idea is to make money, the better option is to keep it a trade secret so you don't need to disclose any details that those outside of the jurisdiction of the patent don't have the details handed to them.

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by thebes (#46378923) Attached to: Using Google Maps To Intercept FBI and Secret Service Calls

It's more likely that google is just more open and honest about how they use the information they have about you. They admit openly that the main reason for their success is their "marketing" ability. Customer/client information is a valuable commodity, and the marketers at any corporation you deal with would be fools to not monetize the information they manage to collect.

This is the same reason facebook pisses me off with their recent changes, but google+ doesn't really bother me.

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Simple solution: real time (or updated hourly) traffic stats for the ISP backbone connection. Allow users unlimited use (unmetered) during the times when traffic is significantly less. As others have said, if the hardware is provisioned, then as long as it is not being taxed to the limit when you want to use it, then you shouldn't really be charged anything significant for using it.

Teksavvy does this on DSL in Canada.

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And yet, the single most basic thing you can do to protect your data gets overlooked by hundreds of millions of people, because it's just too burdensome to drag and drop from "My documents" to "My external drive".

And how many people that do use an external drive actually unplug it after the fact?

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by thebes (#45670513) Attached to: Newly Discovered Greenhouse Gas Is 7,000 Times More Powerful Than CO2

Obligatory xckd

0.18 PPT vs 400 PPM
0.18 PPT vs 400000000 PPM
0.00000018 PPM vs 400 PPM

One of them is deceptive, the other 2 provide proper context. Even being 7000 times more powerful doesn't make up for 6 orders of magnitude in concentration.

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