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Comment Re:Christmas comes early with xkcd 1243 (Score 1) 213 213

then the airspace they fly in will become regulated and the drones stop by process of red tape. there is no concrete boundary in my property deed limiting my vertical space....therefore, i could exert my sovereignty over my airspace...

Comment Re: 3D prints (Score 1) 230 230

The 3D printing didn't have anything to do with it. Getting 10 failed transmissions from the junk yard, rebuilding a single good one, and using the others for various experiments would be cheaper and lead to far greater understanding. The fact that it was 3D printed is largely irrelevant and didn't make it any more accessible. If the goal was learning about transmissions, then my above example would garner far more knowledge. If it is to learn about 3D printing, there would be countless other examples (like one piece manufacturing with metal) that would yield far more impressive results, and potentially lead to improved manufacturing processes.

I didn't say "this entire exercise" had no value, I'm saying that the fact it is a 3D printed, otherwise common every day part, with no other greater derived knowledge doesn't really make it news worthy, nor generate valuable discussion for others.

People can do whatever they want with their own time.

Comment 3D prints (Score 1) 230 230

I really don't want to troll, but these "articles" themselves are trolling. 3D printing as a form of non-useful replication is a waste of time, as the person could have likely acquired an equivalently non-functioning identical part for less.

3D printing something which is actually useful, functional replication, reduced cost, increased availability, etc...THOSE would be useful articles to read, since it can generate positive discussion and ideas to move the technology forward.

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