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Comment: Re:Can anybody see ... (Score 1) 358

by the_rtb (#27635635) Attached to: Pirate Bay Court Loss Won't Stop the Flow of Files
Not really. Brein so far has just threatened random bittorrent sites, and whenever there was an admin not willing to go to court the admin would take the site down and brein noted that down as a victory for them. It would actually be quite stupid for them to attack the Pirate Bay in the Netherlands, because they would go to court, and when that happens brein has zero experience unlike the RIAA.

Comment: Re:Linux is great, but... (Score 1) 252

by the_rtb (#25400733) Attached to: Linux On Brazilian Voting Machines, the Video
I should've been more specific, true. In my opinion it's not the public who have to learn how the system works, it's those who design and defend it against the baddies that need to know the details first and foremost.
You also can't ever prove a paper election was done correctly, unless you count all the votes personally and then make sure you didn't make mistakes while counting either, if you insist on extreme examples.

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