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+ - Serious flaws in NTP (the application, not the protocol) need to be patched 1

Submitted by hawkinspeter
hawkinspeter (831501) writes "A new set of vulnerabilities with the most common NTP daemon have been discovered by Google security researchers. There exist public exploits that target these flaws, so it's recommended to patch to version 4.2.8 (or switch to openntp which doesn't have the same issues) immediately. This is especially problematic for those systems that run ntpd with root privileges as a single carefully crafted packet can allow access at the privilege level of the process. This was reported by ZDNet a few days ago and I have yet to see the Ubuntu patches for this, but it looks like Red Hat are on top of things."

Comment: Re:Apple Pushing All Mobile CPU Vendors (Score 1) 114

by the_B0fh (#48617369) Attached to: Apple and Samsung Already Working On A9 Processor

Wow. Just how does your brain work? The point is that Apple's iPhone, using 2 cores at 1.3Ghz has comparable performance to high end Android phones running at 4 to 8 cores at twice the Ghz, and in my mind, that's superior performance.

Just which part of that argument do you not get?

And the second part - if Apple were to use the same amount of cores or Ghz as the competition, assuming linear scalability, their performance would be double or quadruple of similar high end Android phones.

Simply replacing Apple with Samsung doesn't make it true for Samsung.

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