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Comment: Re:Cygwin (Score 4, Informative) 285 285

No. Cygwin runs everything under one process. This will run separate processes for each SSH session, with privilege separation. Cygwin also uses its own /etc/passwd. This will use local windows users, and, hopefully, AD users.

And code will be sent upstream.

Much better if this works out.

Comment: Re:They should rebrand it (Score 2, Informative) 129 129

I personally had believed that phones crashing was just a joke because my Blackberry literally never crashed or needed rebooting.

Now we know you're a plant, I've had quite a few blackberries since the mid 2000s. Every single one of them have crashed to the extent where I had to remove the batteries.

Comment: Big deal for MS, shit for the rest of the world (Score 4, Insightful) 387 387

It obviously helped make Microsoft a lot of money, and I've read about how the one guy managed to make that one thing work, that made this possible.

But Windows is full of crap, and full of "If you can't make it work right, make it look good - Bill Gates" that it basically caused IT to be shit. This is the start of the 3 Rs of Windows. Retry, Reboot and Reinstall.

That is a fucked up legacy to leave behind.

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