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Comment: Re:Two Thumbs Up (Score 1) 113

by thePrime0 (#35150808) Attached to: Rediscovering WWII's Top-Secret Computing 'Rosies'
How would you feel if everyone you knew and the society in which you lived oppressed you with ideas that you could only be subservient and only partake in certain "female" activities, then be asked to do something intellectual for a war effort which included risking the lives of people you loved, and then continue to withstand decades of continuing statements that you can't think for yourself or do the things that a man can do? Moreover, it's not just about the type of calculation, but also the weight carried by the calculations. "The weapons trajectories they calculated were passed out to soldiers in the field and bombardiers in the air"; those are some damn important calculations during some difficult times-I don't care how 'simple' you think they were. Would I work on important calculations for an institution that was part of a greater entity which told me I was inept and incapable? Like hell I would. They swallowed a cup of coffee that I wouldn't spit in; that takes a special kind of courage. Who's the dumbass?

Comment: Two Thumbs Up (Score 1) 113

by thePrime0 (#35148074) Attached to: Rediscovering WWII's Top-Secret Computing 'Rosies'
Very Cool. Seems incomprehensible that women would still receive decades of discrimination in the workplace after such feats; if the military trusted their intellect for such delicate matters, why couldn't everyone else? On a lighter note, what has been the replacement for our wartime programming? Martians?

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