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Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 145

You missed the point. You do not need college to "learn how to learn". You may need college to give direction to what you should learn. I find it ironic that "Freshman him" would not have known how to do any of the things listed there which are needed in order to get through Highschool. How'd he even make it to be a Freshman?

Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 145

So you're saying that these people learned nothing in Grammar School or in High School? If they don't know how to learn how did they even make it to college? Needing college to learn how to learn things is a myth. You've been learning things since you entered this world. Be it on your own or by means of it being passed down by another. College is not needed to learn how to learn That's just stupid talk. Some people may need a formal education to have direction in what to learn, but that is different.

Comment Re:So much for mobile payments in Japan (Score 4, Informative) 336

iPhone is extremely popular here. Apple has been popular in general in Japan for a long time, so the brand carries it's weight pretty well here. Most iPhone users just put a cover on their iPhone that they can put their NFC card into and use it that way. The NFC card company then has an iPhone app to manage how much ÃfÃÂ¥ is on the card, etc...

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