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Comment Happens to me all the time. (Score 1) 135

I live in Japan, but all my finances are US based. This happens to me a few times a year, and it's annoying because 1) the bank knows I'm in Japan, 2) I shop at the same 10 places. I'll get blocked for iTunes purchases even though I habitually buy stuff from iTunes. The whole thing is retarded. I could see if I suddenly made a purchase in India or Spain, but seriously WTF? At least now the bank I use allows me to clear it with the "app" so I just need to ask the cashier nicely to wait 2 minutes while I deal with the bank's stupidity....

Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 145

You missed the point. You do not need college to "learn how to learn". You may need college to give direction to what you should learn. I find it ironic that "Freshman him" would not have known how to do any of the things listed there which are needed in order to get through Highschool. How'd he even make it to be a Freshman?

Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 145

So you're saying that these people learned nothing in Grammar School or in High School? If they don't know how to learn how did they even make it to college? Needing college to learn how to learn things is a myth. You've been learning things since you entered this world. Be it on your own or by means of it being passed down by another. College is not needed to learn how to learn That's just stupid talk. Some people may need a formal education to have direction in what to learn, but that is different.

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