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Comment I find the procecutors guilty of being unr33t. (Score 1) 602 602

They pushing around the little guys with thier souless army of lawyers, but they never stopped to think:

The average joe still can't burn DVD's economicailly... he doesn't like downloading humungous files just to avoid the $2 rental of "The Matrix"... and he doesn't have the disk space to store a DVD video library on his hdd!

The MPAA's strategy is rediculous. If you want to stop piracy you need to start with the big boys that have the means to burn the damn things. Alienating your core tech audience by suing the pants off anyone that tries to tinker with your product is a waste of time abd money.

It's lots of stress for the poor sod on the recieving end of the summons, and it's downright evil.

First the music industry then the film industry... let's all just hope the TV people don't turn on us too.

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