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Comment Philosophy may help you (Score 1) 84

A non CS degree may stop you getting a development job in some companies - but not all.

Your degree should have taught you to think, to write, to organise your thoughts, to ask questions etc. All of these are highly prized by employers, I see far too many developers who are great at cutting code without thinking and who can't communicate well.

Don't simply think that you MUST get a CS degree to continue; get enough core knowledge to program well. Build something. Contribute to an open source project (most FOSS projects would welcome literate people to help write documentation or to write additional test cases etc). Create an app for Android or iOS etc

One of my sons is just finishing up a Philosophy degree and I would employ him in a heartbeat because he has excellent communication skills, is well organised and most of all - knows how to think about a problem.

Good luck!

Comment Re:If it's bogus, it's probably too low. (Score 1) 313

People will not buy them again in an even higher quality. Barely anyone cares about quality anymore - they listen to compressed music on a poor format (mp3) on a portable device using low-fi earbuds.

If quality is such a big argument - why isn't blu-ray doing better than it is?

Comment Staff costs (Score 1) 411

My wife worked in the IT dept of a large UK school with (1600+) pupils until recently. Their biggest problem is getting good staff who know their way around systems.

The money available to hire good staff is pitiful and you won't be swamped with good IT people wanting to earn 10-15000 quid.

In addition, students try and break things as much as possible. Use cheap commodity kit and be prepared to switch it out at a moments notice.

Also be prepared for the 50% of teachers who can't (or won't) get used to technology.

Enlist the local councils IT dept for firewalls, virus checkers, p0rn filters etc.

Setup a policy to stop ALL use of USBs and reading from external devices. If you don't you will have a multitude of viruses and trojans on day one.

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