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Comment Equal rights, no more no less (Score 1) 625

There is too many people here justifying discriminating against overweight people as well as too many people justifying being overweight.

Why can't we just hire people based on their skill sets, instead of our biases?

I suppose I have a live and let live attitude about people that just isn't popular anymore, even on a site billed as "for nerds".

Weren't enough nerds like us tormented in our youth for the way we looked? I swore I would never torment people that way, and it saddens me that the "nerd culture" has become some close minded self righteous group of people.

//rant ended

Comment Misconceptions (Score 1) 158

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions on here about the Aeroscraft. I've been following the development of this for around a year now and can tell you that many people on here would be quite surprised if they would just take 2 minutes to Google the damn thing. This thing will honestly change the way freight will he transported in the future. The size is amazing, if the tests go through there will be an Aeroscraft with a 250 ton capacity with full hover and VTOL capability. It really is not the same zeppelin from years past.

Comment Re: Is this so bad? (Score 2) 284

My ISP once swore up and down that I had illegally downloaded Final Destination 4. I used to think all of this whining about people getting in trouble for downloading movies and music was total BS. My mind was changed once I had been falsely accused as no amount of discussion would get any consideration from my ISP.

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 2) 507

Personally I believe that red light timings should be more about personal safety than revenue. I'm just saying that I can't imagine a legal argument for federal regulation which the OP suggests.

Also, on your second to last statement (racial assumptions aside): do you really believe that criminals will stop being criminals if we only just accept them? Isn't socially deviant behavior the reason why criminals get pushed out of society?

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

If everybody followed the current traffic laws, such as the legal set distance between cars and stopping as soon as the light turns yellow, then there wouldn't be the safety concerns. Therefore, the problem arises from people who are technically breaking the law. How could the federal government interfere with a state's rights concerning the health and safety of people during criminal acts?

Comment Re:I suspect their simulation is flawed (Score 1) 509

For one, we are discussing software piracy, not the necessity of social programs. In one instance I do not believe there can be a valid argument for. My conclusion stands firm. If you are the type of person who thinks all software pirates are just poor down trodden souls who would only pay if they could, then you are the type of person naive enough to think that all people on welfare truly need it. Fyi I'm from the poor segment of society and I can assure you there are plenty of people taking advantage of the system.

Comment Re:TFA sounds like part of a shareholder presentat (Score 1) 173

Blackberry sales have declined because for many businesses, Blackberries became "good enough". Many of my stepfather's business associates, himself included, have been looking forward to the Blackberry Z10/Q10 for awhile now. Just anecdotal evidence, but I think Blackberry will see a growth in market share with these and their upcoming devices.

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