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Comment: Re:Big difference (Score 1) 110

by tgeller (#49301465) Attached to: Amazon Launches One-Hour Delivery Service In Baltimore and Miami
That's only true for the largest companies -- and even they won't be able to predict what they'll run out of.

Consider video/moviemaking. The big ones have "runners" to get what's needed. This service replaces them -- probably at a lower cost. But most production teams are too small to have a dedicated runner, so this service is a godsend.

Comment: Proven by Esperanto (Score 1) 274

by tgeller (#49283381) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World
This is actually one of the main benefits of Esperanto, a regular, constructed language that's much easier to learn than a "national" language.

Students who first study Esperanto and then go on to study another language learn the second language better than those who studied only the second language -- even if they had less time to learn it.

The science:

Comment: Re:Profit Margins on the Apple Watch Edition (Score 5, Informative) 450

by tgeller (#49229209) Attached to: Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch
"the 18k gold used costs over $8,000"

Whatever you're smoking, I want some. Gold spot price is currently a bit below $1,200. Are you suggesting there's nearly 7 ounces of gold in these watches???

Oh, and spot price is for 24-karat gold, each ounce of which makes 1-1/3rd an ounce of 18-karat gold. So... does one of these watches weigh 10 ounces?

Comment: Re:We have bigger problems (Score 4, Insightful) 83

by tgeller (#48841277) Attached to: What Africa Really Needs To Fight Ebola
"that's too bad but we have our own corrupt politicians here"

True, but your scale is off by 100x.

How much extra did you have to pay the last time you renewed your driver's license? The last time you took a bus? How much kickback do you pay your boss every week to keep your job? When a loved one is in the hospital, how much does the nurse demand directly from you to make sure they get fed?

Be real here.

Comment: Re:But how to avoid this? (Score 1) 39

by tgeller (#48485461) Attached to: Creative Commons To Pass One Billion Licensed Works In 2015
What you say is true, but it's not the main issue IMHO. Rather, it's that people rip copyrighted materials whole-cloth and post them as CC.

I produce short videos for a client, on a moderate budget. I was using lots of CC and public-domain labeled stuff from and YouTube. Then I realized, "Hey, wait! This TV show from the '50s is *not* public domain! Neither is this educational film from the '70s!"

This is what comes from people misunderstanding the slogan, "Information wants to be free." You get ignoramuses thinking, "Yeah, and I'm the one who'll set [someone else's stuff] free." There's a word for that -- theft. And that's what sadly permeates collections of "CC/PD" content

Comment: What about the Turing Award winners? (Score 4, Interesting) 109

by tgeller (#47942153) Attached to: Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research
Microsoft's Pear Street office across the street houses at least two ACM A.M. Turing Award winners: Leslie Lamport and Chuck Thacker ( I wonder what the company will do with them, if anything....

(I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Lamport when he won: See . Nice guy!)

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