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Comment: Re:Java, all you need. (Score 1) 286

by texwtf (#45592595) Attached to: The Challenge of Cross-Language Interoperability

And with its great collection of garbage you can be sure Java will utilize all of your memory proving it's the best.

Also with the great lengths of it's CLASSPATH you can be sure your PATH has a whole lot of CLASS! like 20k worth. Please, LD_LIBRARY_PATH? That's for luuuuzers. Winners know you should specify the whole location of every individual library used EVERY SINGLE TIME you call a "binary" so as not to get confused.

Comment: Re:hp48 (Score 1) 289

by texwtf (#30976046) Attached to: 7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators

"me too".

The documentation bites huge donkey balls. Even the "advanced" guides could use some help. It's a good command reference, but it doesn't help much if you don't know the command to do specific things.

The hp48 guides were light years better.

for example, enter in polar coordinates:

( 6 40 )

the (angle) is right shift alpha 6. Not labeled on the keyboard. ARGH!

Too many ARGH moments with the 50. Where's the ROT key? buried in some menu.

I'll probably like it more after I figure out how to customize the crap out of it.

Comment: Re:hp48 (Score 2, Informative) 289

by texwtf (#30975984) Attached to: 7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators

I am taking a circuits class with 20 other students, all of whom are using ti-89s.

doing AC steady state circuit analysis is loads faster with the hp.

for example, find the parallel equivalent for a 20, 30, and 40 ohm resistor:

20 inv 30 inv 40 inv ++ inv


11 keypresses vs. 19

When you get to complex numbers (inductors and capacitors) it's not even close. I finish calculations in well less than half the time it takes the TI users. And not because I'm some sort of superwhiz with the calculator- it just works better.

The TI is a good calculator, but you can't really appreciate the speed of RPN until you've taken the time to get practiced with it.

The HP also has an algebraic mode, fwiw, if you want the "how it looks on paper" effect. It can be helpful if you are working with a complex equation and want to make sure you have done it correctly.

So.. RPN isn't god's gift to calculation for everything, but it can be very handy in many situations.

Comment: Re:hp48 (Score 1) 289

by texwtf (#30975882) Attached to: 7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators

The previous version of the "post-48" series was the hp49g+.

Absolutely godawful keys. Really horrible and also not great.

The hp50 is _much_ better, and I agree with other posters (on other forums) that it is the first calculator to be "better" than the hp48gx.

But it's not much better, and some things are less intuitive.

If you get one the bible (aka advanced user/programmers guide) from is mandatory.


+ - Cheney Exempts Self From Presidential Orders-> 1

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cybermage writes: "Even in the face of Cheney's office's involvement in the leaking of information related to national security, such as the Valerie Plame incident, vice president Cheney has exempted his office from complying with a presidential order that sets out procedures for the safe handling of national security information."
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+ - The Comparison Shopper->

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samsonovster writes: "There are so many mfrs.: Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung etc. One makes sensors; the others make LCD-panels and some of them only assemble devices, which is best? What's I need — a DSLR or Compact Camera? What should buy first: HD-camcorder or LCD-panel with 1980x1080 resolutions? And they all try to persuade us they make what we need — buy it! How to make a right choice and not to pay for useless gadgets? There are my own experience of using these gadgets and many interesting images."
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