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Comment: Re:Pointless waste of time (Score 1) 291

by testostertwo (#39387407) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Give IT Presentations That Aren't Boring?

The question is bang on, but the conclusion a bit negative.

A presentation starts by thinking about where you want the audience to end up; it could be that you just want to impart some knowledge but maybe there are some behaviours you'd like people to change.

You then need to arrange your presentation to take people from one idea to the next in terms that are accessible to them. There's no point in telling someone something if you haven't already told them why it's relevant to them. If they believe it's relevant, it won't be boring.

There's lots of good detail advice on presenting in the comments but it will all be for nothing if you don't start with a coherent idea of what you want to achieve and a structure that makes it simple for your audience to follow.

Comment: Re:The guy's right (Score 1) 409

by testostertwo (#31159036) Attached to: Aussie Attorney General Says Gamers Are Scarier Than Biker Gangs

Someone should start a gamer party and run for election on the grounds that you actually know something about what you're trying to regulate.

Or even just join the Bikers party and stand a better chance of fixing both asinine attitudes at once. In my opinion politicians as a group represent more of a danger than bikers _or_ gamers.

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