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Comment Re:Brother in active duty (Score 1) 84

My brother-in-law returned from another tour in Afghanistan, and he was able to talk to my sister nearly every day from the other side of the world, which can only help a relationship. Contrast this to when my sister was deployed in the first Gulf War and I'd send her a letter that maybe she'd get one day, and maybe be able to reply to. Technology has transformed so much. But locations, missions and movements should never be allowed to go out over Twitter, Facebook, et. al. This is probably already policy, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's monitored like censors would monitor mail in WWII.

Comment Re:Could we change the friggn name? (Score 1) 94

If I had mod points today: Funny. Yes, replace one confusing, hype-linked name with one linked to the releatively new hype! Perfectly clear for the next 10 years! Just yesterday, a discussion with a PM (who I've been trying to get to understand the difference): He: Couldn't we just add some Java to the page? Me: ... well, we *could*, but I think it'd be better to do it in JavaScript.

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